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In which mountain? In which mountain? © Anthony Georgieff

1. In the first ever World Happiness Report Bulgaria takes the...

A. 10th place

B. 60th place

C. 147th place

2. Where in Bulgaria are Chinese Great Wall cars manufactured?

A. Sofia

B. Lovech

C. Varna

3. The annual turnover of organised crime in Bulgaria equals what part of the national GDP, according to a Centre for Democratic Studies report?

A. 1 per cent

B. 2 per cent

C. 5 per cent 

4. Which Bulgarian celebrity unsuccessfully tried his teeth in Britain’s Got Talent sixth season?

A. Dimitar “Mityo the Screw” Hodzhev

B. Boyko Borisov

C. Dimitar Berbatov 

5. Which Bulgarian minister organised a flashmob horo-dancing at Sofia Airport to discourage young Bulgarians from emigrating?

A. Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski

B. Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov

C. Social Minister Totyu Totev 

6. What do the Bulgarians feast with on 6 May, St George’s Day?

A. Banitsa

B. Gyuvech

C. Roast lamb

7. Iskar, Bulgaria’s longest river running entirely in its territory, starts from which mountain?

A. Vitosha

B. Rila

C. The Rhodope

8. Which monarch of post-1878 Bulgaria is buried in a mausoleum in Sofia?

A. King Ferdinand I

B. Prince Alexander I Battenberg 

C. King Boris III

9. When a Bulgarian sneezes, it is believed that...

A. Someone is talking about him besides his back

B. He will win the national lottery

C. He is in urgent need of a beer

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The correct answers:

1 – C; 2 – B; 3 – C; 4 – A; 5 – A; 6 – C; 7 – B; 8 – B; 9 – A.

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