In a state of emergency of unprecedented proportions even in the standards of a former Communist country Bulgarians have resorted to the tried-and-tested method of letting off some steam. Just like in the darkest days of life under Todor Zhivkov…
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"This is an unprecedentedly furious epidemic in human history." Military doctor Gen Ventsislav Mutafchiyski, chief of the anti-coronavirus staff
Situated in central Bulgaria, this valley has several major attractions and, consequently, bears many names. Some will know that it is in the middle of the rose attar producing region, hence the Valley of Roses moniker.
Oddly, Bulgaria appears to be the odd man out in the free world in matters of... art. No, this is not a question of censorship of unabashed nudity or controversial political viewpoints.
"If they wanted my business, they could just say so. I would stop doing business."  Multimillionaire Vasil Bozhkov, now a crime suspect
This is the biggest and grandest Bulgarian Orthodox monastery and a major site visited by busloads of both domestic and international tourists every day.
Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians?  Take our test to doublecheck
"When I retire from being a prime minister, I will start a website and will become a top investigative journalist." Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Bulgarian media freedoms
Notwithstanding his brief introduction as the "prime minister of Belgium" on Fox News, Boyko Borisov seems to have had a good time in Washington DC where he got some photo ops with US President Donald Trump.
Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck
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