Most Bulgarian towns with roots in the 19th century and earlier have them: tall, sometimes coarse but often exquisitely decorated towers, usually in city centres, that have still functioning timepieces, beating a bell on the hour – every hour for…
"I am the only person out of suspicion in the CEZ sale, as I dislike that company."Prime Minster Boyko Borisov on a little-known local company purchasing the electricity distribution giant in southwestern Bulgaria, including Sofia
This section of Vagabond is usually reserved for the funnier and/or exceptionally eccentric statements and deeds of Bulgaria's statesmen, but in this issue we bring on the results, without a comment, of a poll conducted by Trend, an independent polling…
Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck
Under GERB, life in Bulgaria becomes increasingly absurd as exemplified by the "purchase" of CEZ, the power distribution company that controls the electricity grid of the whole of western Bulgaria, including the capital, Sofia, by a heretofore totally unknown woman,…
Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck
"Sofia is now cleaner than Vienna."Minister of Culture Boil Banov
It is unclear when lions were last seen in Europe, but a number of European countries have adopted the lion as an integral part of their coats-of-arms and national symbolism.
"This law protects corruption."Kornelia Ninova, leader of the BSP, on the government's new anticorruption legislation
Ten years into its EU membership and after millions of leva spent on infrastructure projects, some of which needed to be made over, owing to poor workmanship, a few days after they had been inaugurated, Bulgaria succeeded in setting up…
Off-limits to mortals under Communism as it was within the barbed-wire confines of a government hunting lodge this Thracian sanctuary has in recent years become something of a local tourism hit. It is not difficult to see why. Like other…
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