"When a political party has a problem, it brings it to the chief prosecutor - and boasts about it. We see him as a referee." Prime Minister Boyko Borisov
As the EU announced it was lifting its monitoring for the supremacy of law in Bulgaria, the newspapers went on with one of their favourite topics: crime. Here are a few examples.
Northwestern Bulgaria, traditionally poor and underdeveloped, rarely finds its way into any tourist itinerary. Yet, it has plenty of hidden gems to offer.
Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck
In the days of Communism, Todor Zhivkov used to stash away those who had erred to party, state or to himself by… providing them with diplomatic appointments in unimportant and faraway locations. Out of sight, out of danger, he reasoned,…
Think you know Bulgaria and the Bulgarians? Take our test to doublecheck
"We are the victims of a crime that goes beyond ordinary hacking. The CIA boss did not resign after WikiLeaks, did he?" Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov on why he did not resign after the hacking of National Revenue Agency data
Bulgaria lacks well-preserved mediaeval fortresses, and the recent craze for rebuilding ancient and medieval remains into shiny towers and fortifications just adds modern insult to historical injury. However, on the northern slopes of the Rhodope there stands one fortification that…
The major gaffe by the National Revenue Agency that made possible the hacking of the personal data of about 5 million Bulgarians, or just about anyone of taxpaying age including some deceased taxpayers, has spawned many jokes making the rounds…
Inevitably in the various Top 5 oddest monuments in the world lists, this "flying saucer" construction has sat on top of a Bulgarian mountain since its erection in 1981, when it was designed to celebrate the Communist Party's supposed eternity.
"If the National Revenue agency did not offer e-services, there would be no personal data leaks." Vladislav Goranov, Finance Minister
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