Shadow Journey: A Guide to Elizabeth Kostova's Bulgaria and Eastern Europe

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Free Speech International
Hard covers
ISBN: 978-619-90319-8-8
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230x210 mm
39.99 leva
April 2018
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In stock

A superbly illustrated companion to bestselling US author Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian (2005) and The Shadow Land (2017), this book guides the reader through most of the locations in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe where the action takes place. Some of them exist only in the imagination of the author. However, others have been carefully compiled from snippets of real life in what remains Europe's least known corner. A fascinating journey into Communist Bulgaria, Dracula's Romania, the lesser known corners of Slovenia and Croatia, subterranean Istanbul and much more, this book is essential to understanding both Elizabeth Kostova's novels and Eastern Europe itself. It also provides practical information for prospective travellers in the region.

With an afterword by Elizabeth Kostova.

Bulgaria: 24.99 euro

EU & EEA: 47.99 euro

USA & rest of the world: $59.99


Shadow Journey 01
Shadow Journey 02
Shadow Journey 03
Shadow Journey 04
Shadow Journey 05
Shadow Journey 06
Shadow Journey 07
Shadow Journey 08
Shadow Journey 09
Shadow Journey 10
Shadow Journey 11
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