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A Guide to Millennial Plovdiv

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Free Speech International
Hard covers
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December 2018
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A Guide to Millennial Plovdiv is the first specialised guidebook in English dedicated to Plovdiv's diversity, millennia-old history, sites and atmosphere.

With intelligent text and inspiring photography, the guidebook takes the reader on a trip around the Roman ruins and late-Antiquity mosaics of Philippopolis, and the cobbled hills of the Old Town, opens the doors to the exquisite Revival Period houses and churches, tells the city's cosmopolitan history with its Greek, Ottoman, Armenian, Catholic and Jewish heritage.

A Guide to Millennial Plovdiv eveals not only the distant past, it also shows the elegant face of early 20th century Plovdiv, the changes brought by Communism and the times after the regime's collapse. The archive photography of well-known sites and places throw a bridge between past and present.

The last part of the book is dedicated to places that can be easily visited from Plovdiv, from Bachkovo Monastery and Belintash Thracian sanctuary to the ancient ruins and the mineral springs of Hisarya to the Red Church at Perushtitsa.

Clear, friendly and informed, A Guide to Millennial Plovdiv is an indispensable companion to everyone who wants to discover one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of Europe.

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EU & EEA: 34.99 euro

USA & rest of the world: $42.99

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