Proverbs and sayings are the experience of generations distilled by time until they become pure wisdom offering guidance in life. They also reflect the particular values of the community that has created them.Bulgarians are no exception.
Acceptance, equality for LGBTI people yet to happen
Even fluent Bulgarian speakers, including people who were actually born in this country, sometimes have a difficulty to understand what's really going on in the minds of their fellow citizens. Applying Western rational thought does not help since it is…
Newly built Roman ruins in central Sofia smell of fresh mortar
Bulgarians are wary of anything from world politics to neighbours
During the past 25 years since Bulgarians were given the right to vote in elections with more than one party standing the basic process of democracy has at least wavered. Election rules and regulations change each time citizens are supposed…
No need for insults and slurs as long as you know when and how to ask the wrong questions
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