Bulgaria's foreign community commemorates end of Great War in military cemeteries
Artificial 'language for everyone' failed to bring world peace, but is still used around the world, Bulgaria included
America for Bulgaria Foundation initiates complete transformation of emergency hospital's children's ward
Bizarre monument in front of NDK may finally be consigned to dustbin of history
If you think that 14 February is the high point of the Bulgarians' ability to squeeze culturally different feasts into a single day, think again.
If you are visiting Bulgaria in the second half of May, do not be alarmed by the excited hoards of heavily made-up, eccentrically-dressed teenagers roaming the streets and frantically screaming out something (more on this later) at the top of…
The factories worked and everyone had a job, there was no crime, the army was strong and every family had two-week holidays at the seaside: for a significant number of Bulgarians, Communism was a golden era of prosperity and security…
Proverbs and sayings are the experience of generations distilled by time until they become pure wisdom offering guidance in life. They also reflect the particular values of the community that has created them.Bulgarians are no exception.
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Prime Minister saves cubs from zoo

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