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Tiana Presolska, founder and manager, on the importance of complex care for health and beauty

tiana presolska dupissima
Tiana Presolska, founder and manager of Dupissima beauty studios

Specialised devices targeting particular problems is the dominant trend in beauty care nowadays. This approach has created unrealistic expectations among clients, who think that changing their appearance will happen quickly and easily if they identify the "right" procedure. True professionals like Tiana Presolska are aware that this attitude does not provide sustainable results. The founder of the emblematic Dupissima Beauty Studios knows that beautiful and youthful face, skin, body and hair can be achieved and maintained only with complex, holistic care that starts with lifestyle and ends with the use of advanced therapies and devices. She has practised this philosophy for more than 20 years, and has dedicated her life to constant personal and professional improvement. The number of satisfied clients and the opening of two franchise Dupissima salons in Bankya and Plovdiv this year are a testament that her approach works. A mother of three and a visionary businesswoman, Tiana Presolska is eager to share her knowledge with others. As a Chairwoman of the Medical Aesthetic Association in Bulgaria, she organised the first in this country International Beauty Conference. On 21 and 22 June, it presented to Bulgarian professionals some of the best international specialists and technologies in beauty and aesthetics.

New Aesthetic is a core Dupissima concept. What is it actually?

Nowadays cosmetics, beauty and aesthetics are just business. But I believe that beauty has always been a core value. We, as people, have always aimed to be beautiful and accepted.

As a teenager I was obsessed with losing weight; I opened my first beauty salon, in 2004, to help me and my friends to be slim with two supposedly miraculous devices. For more than 20 years, I have searched for a solution to lose weight without any effort. Now I know that such a thing does not exist.

But we, people, have the tendency to grab any opportunity that promises to solve the aesthetic problem which traumatises us. Losing weight effectively is a highly individual and complex process, and requires significant investment of time and effort from the client. Hundreds of factors can affect this, from the genes to the lifestyle and even the mindset.

Tiana Presolska, Dupissima

The strive to be "perfect" is normal, but we should remember that health should come before beauty, and that extreme diets, regimes, sport and procedures can harm it one way or another. When striving for perfection, we should be informed and responsible.

This is the principle of New Aesthetics. When we are healthy and happy, it shows in our appearance. Beautiful skin is more than makeup and filters – it is a reflection of a well functioning organism.

This is why we teach Dupissima clients to live well. The devices and procedures in our salons only upgrade and help the efforts that our clients do on a daily basis.

On what principle have you selected the procedures and devices at Dupissima?

The procedures and devices that we use agree with the science of ageing. According to it, ageing happens in three ways: the face and body lose muscle and volume, the skin loses its elasticity and water-content, and pigmentation appears.

At Dupissima we use endoSPHERES therapy to stimulate and restore the muscle volume, and combine it with procedures that boost production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, and with peelings and devices that fight pigmentation and uneven complexion.

Dupissima Ring Mall

Dupissima, Ring Mall

Only when working on all three levels we can expect visible, synergic results. It takes more time than Botox or fillers, but it is more sustainable as it improves the skin's function.

We apply the same principle on the body. Cellulite and fat deposits often hide conditions such as varicose veins and capillaries, problems with the lymphatic system, water retainment, and more. This is why we focus on improving the lymphatic and circulatory system, on detox and boosting the immunity of the whole body instead of focusing on a particular zone.

How do you communicate this complex approach with your clients?

For new clients we have free consultation and a demo procedure, and we enquire in detail about their lifestyle. We do this in order to understand them better and to find the best solution for their individual case. We propose small lifestyle changes that could visibly improve their condition. We are aware that if we force major changes in their life, they will get scared and refuse to change anything. Our principle is: better change something small than nothing at all, and better late than never.

We always start with our most complex procedure. Our programmes are based on endoSPHERES, the only method for both face and body that in the course of 12 procedures works on all levels and systems for prevention and care. It improves the lymphatic and circulatory system, prevents varicose veins, capillaries and rosacea, and shapes the body, treats cellulite and increases skin's elasticity.

I will never offer a service or a procedure I would not do on myself, my daughter or my mother. We have clients who have stayed with us for 15 years, I will never betray their trust only because a procedure has become very trendy. We do not offer quick and easy solutions, but a lifestyle that pays out in the long run.

Tiana Presolska, Dupissima

Why did you decide to organise the International Beauty Conference?

I love being informed and am interested in everything new in my field. I wanted to share the things I have learned with more people in our field. Technologies and science are moving so fast that if you do not follow them, you and your clients will lose. And I do not want this. In my dreams, Bulgarian aesthetic and beauty professionals are at world level.

How do you select the partners for Dupissima franchises?

I partner only with people who understand that as a brand Dupissima is not just about making money. Dupissima is about making clients feel special and helping them change in a way that will inspire them to achieve anything they want. Cellulite or acne are often more than cosmetic problems – they can stop a person from having the personal or professional life of their dreams. We, at Dupissima, aim at making clients healthier and more beautiful, and by doing this, to ultimately improve their lives.

Dupissima Strelbishte: Sofia, 6 Rozhenski Prohod St, business building, floor 5

Dupissima Ring Mall: Sofia, 214 Ring Road, floor 0

Dupissima Gotse Delchev: 10B Riccardo Vaccarini St

Dupissima Bankya: 5 Ivanyansko Shose St


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