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Emil Kalinchev, CEO, on the importance of holistic approach towards patients

Emil Kalinchev Da Vinci Clinic
Emil Kalinchev, CEO of Da Vinci Clinic

How to create a dental practice with high reputation, satisfied patients and excellent quality of the service? Emil Kalinchev, an entrepreneur in the dental care field with over 20 years of experience, knows the answer. The founder of Da Vinci Clinic is among Bulgaria's top professionals in smile design and ceramic tooth restoration. Emil Kalinchev has attended a number of qualification courses in Bulgaria and abroad in the field of aesthetic reconstruction, occlusion and function, and healthcare management. He is a professional in the manufacture of highly aesthetic constructions stepping on in-depth knowledge of ceramic materials and aesthetic principles. Emil Kalinchev studies facial aesthetics and teeth proportions and considers the smile as a whole composition, in a visible balance between the two. In 2007, he established Da Vinci Labor dental laboratory, and in 2014 he created Da Vinci Clinic, which he manages.

What is the most important thing you do as a manager to provide a high level of healthcare services at Da Vinci Clinic?

My most important task is to transfer my vision about the organisation to the people I work with, and to structure the group in a way that inspires a sense of mission in employees.

Da Vinci Dental Clinic

And the biggest challenge that you face?

The greatest challenge that I and our clinical director, Dr Rada Georgieva, face was to forge the organisation's philosophy and positioning. With 3,500 dentists in Sofia and a large number of clinics of all calibre, we looked for a way to stand out among the competition. I think that we did very well! The clinic's philosophy is "Holistic approach towards the patient." We put the patient in the centre of everything. All professionals at Da Vinci Clinic are committed to patients and want to help them, perceiving each of them as a separate individual with their personal fears and desires.

How do you select the team of Da Vinci Clinic?

The selection process is very precise. We examine the candidate's documents and we invite the selected ones for a first interview. If I feel that we click with them, they fill a personal potential test. Then I read reports to understand their strong and weak sides and if they would fit in the organisation's design. We look for the best people to work and grow together with – honest, ethical, cheerful, with inner impulse for professionalism.

Da Vinci Dental Clinic

What innovative methods for diagnosis and treatment does Da Vinci Clinic offer?

We constantly implement innovative technologies and develop new projects. In 2020 we opened our own image diagnosis laboratory. Our ultramodern dental photography digital equipment KaVo OP 3D™ has the lowest dose of radiation during examination. We have an innovative technology for orthodontic treatment and quick teeth alignment in only about 120 days and technologies for painless implantation and caries treatment.

What are your most popular services?

Our most popular services, where we have the most experience, are reconstructive dentistry, treatment with crowns, bridges and implants, treatment of orthodontic problems and teeth alignment.

Da Vinci Dental Clinic

What benfits do you offer to Da Vinci Clinic patients?

Our in-house image diagnostics lab saves time for both patients and our staff. Our dental laboratory guarantees process integration and follow up. For patients, this means security and better prices, without loss of quality. At the end of their treatment, patients receive a warranty card. We also have a strategic partnership with a respectable financial institution for interest-free financing for patients who need more complex and expensive treatment.

What do you aim to achieve with Da Vinci Clinic as a manager?

Da Vinci Clinic is a dream, a notion of the ideal organisation that is vibrant, expanding and achieving its goals, where all employees develop and prosper. At Da Vinci Clinic people improve their smiles, health and life.

Sofia, Student's Town, 6 Prof Sazdo Ivanov St

Mon – Fri: 9:30 am – 8:00 pm

phone: 02 86 21 064



FB: DaVinchiClinic

Da Vinci Dental Clinic


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