by Bozhidara Georgieva

Preparation for our favourite season has never been so easy and efficient

There are so many reasons to love summer. It is the season of vacation, light clothes and light flirting. Summer is the time of hopes that we are going to experience something beautiful, of plans to discover a new place, of dreams to meet the most important person in our lives or just to relax and forget about all the stress.

The season is heavy with expectations and dreams. But they are not only about our lives. They are also about us. In summer we want to wear the most beautiful clothes. To have more colour in our everyday lives. To be more beautiful.

That is why in the beginning of summer we are more critical towards our appearance. Do we have anything in our wardrobe or jewellery box that gives us this extra boost and feel that world is in our feet? Talking about feet, how is our body looking? It would be better if it were more shapely and firm, isn't it? And the skin... Skin is the organ in the human body that suffers the most from the summer sun. Is it protected enough? How can we be sure that the sun won't make it age? What is the most efficient care for it?

The contemporary woman is overwhelmed by these – and many other – questions. Luckily, the present is a time of not only increased scrutiny over each detail of our appearance. It is also a time of variety of reliable, safe and efficient solutions that are improving with every passing year. The care for our body is no more about restrictive diets and plastic surgery. Contemporary procedures help us to get in shape without going hungry or with scars. The latest technologies and achievements in cosmetics help us to preserve our beauty and eliminate the damages by age and sun and in the end to feel happy.

The solutions are at a hand's distance. We only have to reach towards them to achieve our perfect summer look.

Cryolipolysis by OXY MED: Cold beauty
Cryolipolysis Treatment It might sound impossible, but it is a fact: the solution for the summer's hottest problem – excess fats, is cold. The cryolipolysis by OXY MED Medical and Beauty Center (Sofia, Students' Town, 34A Akademik Zhak Natan St, phones: 0888 970 076, is an effective, pain-free and bloodless method for targeted removal of fats in particular parts of the body. The technology freezes the fat cells to temperature as low as between -8ºС and -10ºС, after a couple of weeks they are naturally dissolved by the organism. The procedure removes 50-70% of fat deposits in the targeted area and results are stable as early as after the third procedure. At OXY MED you will also find other innovative therapies and cosmetic procedures, including a salt room, hyperbaric oxygen camera and the CO2Lift carboxy-hyaluronic face therapy.

Body T@lk Studio for healthy body: Let's talk about your beauty
Body T@lk StudioLocated in one of the most pleasant parts of Sofia's Lozenets neighbourhood, Body T@lk Studio for Healthy Body (Sofia, 68 Gorski Patnik St, phone: 0889 937 887, offers reliable and effective solutions for all types of face and body aesthetic problems. Regardless of whether it is slimming, firming, rejuvenation, cellulite removal, epilation or something else, at Body T@lk they will help you to achieve what you want. The list of procedures and therapies offered at the studio is long and varied, but it is enough to be aware of a single thing. At Body T@lk you will receive professional help, the latest generation of technologies by leading manufacturers and the confidence that you will see the change you want after each procedure you undergo.

Kokona Premium Beauty Studio: The smooth skin that you deserve
Kokona Premium Beauty StudioLaser epilation has found its place among the beauty procedures, but the fact that it cannot be applied in the summer makes it useless in the very period of the year when we need it the most. Not in Kokona Premium Beauty Studio (Sofia, 57В Kazbek St, phone: 089 785 5945, FB: Kokona Premium by Hristina Taskova). This small, boutique studio works with the latest generation of the innovative apparatus Elysion Pro for reliable and pain-free epilation even during summer. The apparatus works fine even on the most sensitive zones of the face and the effect is visible as soon as after the first procedure. The results are long-lasting. At Kokona Premium are offered as well other beauty services and procedures like microblading, microneedling and mesotherapy.

Delicious Beauty Studio: Fast and effective solutions for healthy and young skin
Delicious Beauty StudioGreet the summer with enthusiasm, self-confidence, young face and firm body, and with the help of Delicious Beauty Studio (Varna, 5 Prof. Nikolay Derzhavin St, phone: 0895 618 400,, FB: deliciousbg). Delicious offers at one place the most innovative technologies for face lifting, orange peel skin removal and body contouring. In it you will find effective facial care with HydraFacial medical therapy and pain-free, non-abrasive treatment with ClearLift laser energy, which acts in-depth and can be applied even in summer. Sculpt your body in the shape of your dreams with Alma Accent Ultra radiofrequency lifting for immediate firming of the collagen structures and bid farewell to excess fat deposits with Coccoon cryolipolysis.

ZEISS VISION CENTER: Perfection in the field of optics
ZEISS VISION CENTERThe international brand ZEISS is a byword for quality and high style, and its boutique concept is already available for clients in Bulgaria. ZEISS VISION CENTER is a modern luxury optician's chain dedicated to your individual vision needs. All you need to do is to trust the experience of the highly qualified opticians and consultants. At ZEISS VISION CENTER you will find an exclusive selection of leading international brands for sunglasses and dioptric frames such as MAYBACH, MYKITA, Chopard ZILLI, Tom Ford, CHARMANT and many others. You will find ZEISS VISION CENTER in Sofia at Paradise Center (level +1, phone: 0884 20 11 71), Serdika Center (level -1, phone: 0884 20 06 83) and Sofia Ring Mall (level 2, phone: 0884 20 06 82) and in Varna (8А Knyaz Boris I Blvd, phone: 0884 20 20 89).

Cœur de Lion: Elegance 24/7

Cœur de LionHand-made in Germany, the CœUr de Lion jewellery stand out with their bold elegance, colour experiments, fine details and joy they bring to their owner. Established in 1987 by Carola and Nils Eckrodt, who still run the business, Cœur de Lion is a leading manufacturer of fashionable designer jewellery. Its innovative bracelet concept was awarded with the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2018.

When you see Cœur de Lion's Spring/Summer 2018 collection, you will rate it high, too. Its concept is as simple as it is successful: elegant combinations of up to six different bracelets, twinned with colour-coordinated necklaces and earrings. Each piece of jewellery is made of stones like amethyst, haematite, onyx, rose quartz, carnelian, amazonite, smoky quartz, tiger's eye. Swarovski® crystals, stainless steel and other top quality materials are also used. Even the tiniest detail in them meets the collection's motto: Elegance 24/7.
Cœur de LionThe Cœur de Lion's creations are sold in over 30 countries. Find yours on


Beauty from the nature with Sezmar Collection

Sezmar CollectionThe Sezmar Collection (, by Mase Production Ltd. brings care for youth and beauty with natural products to a whole new level. Sezmar is an innovative, natural and effective brand that combines different cosmetic lines in a single integrated concept. Sezmar Collection Love has aphrodisiac effect, Sezmar Collection Professional offers masks and pealing creams, SM Collection Crystal comes in emerald, amethyst, sapphire, pearl dust and amber varieties, and Stati nourishes the skin. Don't miss as well the Dr Derehsab line and Sezmar Collection Pure with pure oils.


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The question of what women want and the inability to answer it conclusively are as old as the world. Or at least this is what popular culture has been trying to convince us. The truth is that women have always known what they wanted.

The Christmas and New Year's holidays are the time when we are free to concentrate on fulfilling our wishes and on everything that brings us pleasure.

The summer is coming, and with it our excitement increases. Our souls crave the caress of the sun rays and the sea, the light clothes and the journey that we can finally take on. But are our body, face, skin and hair ready as well?
It is often said that a woman’s soul is а complex mystery, difficult to solve, and the moods and de- sires of ladies are changeable, vague, and sometimes deprived of logic. It is true that women are differ- ent and everyone has her own individual longings.
To give or to receive presents? Some people prefer the former, others – the latter, yet others love to do both. What unites them all is that regardless of the occasion, the tradition fills the hearts of everyone involved with joy, happiness and warmth.
Gifts are one of the best ways to say "I love you" to the people we cherish. And the best time to do it, outside of special events in life, are the Christmas and New Year's feasts.
Summer is a special season. It is the only part of the year of which we think about long before it has arrived.
No matter if the winter in question has been mild. The very thought about the coming summer inevitably begins to excite us long before the season's actual beginning. The warmth! The vacation! The planning! The long days and the short nights!
Historians say that gifts are a pillar of human civilisation.
The Christmas and New Year's celebrations in 2020 will be as never before. Unlike other years, this December we will forget about the ease with which we planned trips, meetings with friends, parties and family gatherings. But this should not discourage us.
What do we, women, need to be happy?
They say you cannot buy happiness with money. It is true, in principle... until the moment when we see the shining eyes of our beloved one when they open the carefully packaged gift for a birthday, holiday or St Valentine.