by Bozhidara Georgieva

Good interior designers and manufacturers help us to have better, more beautiful lives

With next year arriving in mere weeks, people who are interested in what their homes and the spaces they inhabit look like, or who are planning a renovation or moving to a new home, office, or business space, are more actively invested in the matter of what the current trends in interior design are. This is understandable.

In the past couple of years we are spending more time in our homes and offices. Our lives are also stressful enough. This is why when we are between our own four walls, we need a tranquil atmosphere that is simultaneously modern and comfortable. It should cater to our habits, tastes and preferences, should cover the requirements for functionality and, increasingly, should be unobtrusively high-tech and environment-friendly.

Finding the ideal combination of all of these is not an easy task. Particularly when we look at what interior design professionals recommend as trends that will dominate indoor spaces in 2022.

According to some, next year's home interiors should rely on bold colours or attention-grabbing details (vintage objects, colour accents and prints, objects of art). Fans of minimalism object – for them, the space should not provoke the senses, particularly when we spend lots of time in it. Others are of the opinion that nature elements should dominate – as materials, plant prints or breaking the barrier between inside and outside spaces, for example. Yet others bet on space multifunctionality, required by the need of performing tasks that until recently were done elsewhere: work, study, training. For some professionals the kitchen should be reimagined as the home's heart. According to others, every modern person should do their best to have a home, office and interior as energy efficient and passive as possible, equipped with the latest systems for space automatisation.

It is understandable that in this situation the customers get confused. On paper all of these trends are convincing. But one cannot choose them all.

Happily, on the Bulgarian market we have found professionals to confidently guide us through the labyrinth of hesitation and hard decisions connected to furnishing a space. With experience, artististism, knowledge and talent, good interior designers successfully untangle even the hardest of tasks.

Of course, identifying the right interior designer for our project and individuality requires some effort, as only when both sides in the process "click" the project can be successfully finished. But when you find the right person for you, you will see that your dreams can indeed become a reality.

A good interior designer should be able to create new shapes and volumes and to select well colours and textures. Stoyan Pashov from the specialised studio Synergy Design (Sofia, 99 Simeonovsko Shose Blvd; phone: 0888 663 222; FB: Synergy Design; IG: SYNERGY DESIGN; not only believes in this principle, but also applies it in his practice. When he finishes working on a project, the most important reward for his work is the happy feeling for new life and the experience of a new dimension of beauty by his clients. This is where Stoyan Pashov finds a source of neverending inspiration.

Creating the interior of your new home is an interesting task charged with expectations, dreams and pleasant excitement. But then comes the hard part – controlling the repair works, choosing the materials and their suppliers, dealing with eventual delays and solving all types of problems popping up at the last moment. And then you have to pack, move and unpack your personal possessions... All of these are inevitable and necessary, but they invariably turn the fun experience, full of pleasant emotions, into a stressful situation. Do not despair. With the professionals at The Lake House (Sofia, 102 Bulgaria Blvd, Bellissimo Business Centre, office 12; phone: +359 89 993 2223; you will forget about all of this. The studio for luxury interior design offers to its clients a much needed, but rare service on the Bulgarian market – full control on all activities connected to creating a home, from the initial design to moving in. When partnering with The Lake House, you only have to participate in the most pleasant part of the project: choosing the interior design and literally entering your completely furnished home. The ambition of the professionals at The Lake House, however, goes further. With their projects they introduce to the Bulgarian market solutions that are a far cry from the understanding of what luxury interior is that currently prevails in the country. Drawing ideas and inspiration from renowned authorities in the field, such as the UK and the USA, they offer solutions where details are crafted to perfection, the feel of comfort is optimal, and the pleasure for all the senses is guaranteed.

When you stay at a hotel from an established luxury or business chain in Europe, or in an elegant boutique hotel, to a significant extent you are motivated by the elegant furnishing, the feel of calm luxury and the interior details crafted to perfection. In reality, a Bulgarian company, Ligna Group (Sofia, 23 Mizia St;, is behind the furnishing of some of the best hotels on the continent. For almost 20 years now the company has gained the trust of its international partners with impeccable furnishing for large chain hotels, showrooms of leaders in the automobile and cosmetic industry, and other large spaces. Dedicated to its mission to show that the "made in Bulgaria" label can mean top quality, Ligna Group works mainly with Bulgarian furniture and equipment manufacturers. But Ligna Group's ambitions do not stop here. The company already offers its rich experience in public spaces furnishing on the Bulgarian market as well, bringing in a much needed feel of elegance and unobtrusive splendour. The company is also developing its own series of furniture and interior products, and in the shared space that it created, MISSIA23, gather some of the best known and prospective representatives of local creative industries. Because for Ligna Group the establishment of a positive image of Bulgaria and its talents on a local and international level is a priority on which it works unflinchingly.

Young professionals who have both the vision and ambition to create living interiors and exteriors that meet the current trends and the inhabitants' needs – this is in short Pentahron Studio (Sofia, 10 Pencho Slaveykov Blvd, floor 1; phone: 02 4238 274; Pentahron services cover everything a space needs to become the home of your dreams – interior design and investment project development, 3D visualisation and modelling, expert help and consultations, project management and author's supervision. The Pentahron team also has a rich experience in designing passive and energy efficient houses and is fluent in the current construction techniques and materials. Regardless of whether they are busy with a small or big project, the studio's professionals always apply a personal approach to the space and the client, integrating a bit of their soul in the realised solutions. This is why Pentahron clients are satisfied by their partnership and the studio's projects win renowned specialised competitions.

Established 2 years ago by two ambitious professionals – an architect and an interior designer, Fourth Dimension studio (phone: 0888 000 598; FB: takes on with pleasure and enthusiasm even on the most challenging projects that require them to completely overthink already existing spaces. The solutions offered by the Fourth Dimension professionals in a style that can be defined as modern minimalism embody the harmony between functionality, the client's budget and the interior's style. Regardless of whether they work on a residential or public interior, Fourth Dimension professionals apply to the task a creative approach and strict pragmatism, while constantly asking themselves how to offer their clients a space where living is easy and nice. This is why each project on which they work is a harmonic combination of functionality and style.

When you are looking for an interior solution that is not only aesthetically and functionally flawless, but also uses the latest trends in the field of high technologies, call BASE Architecture & Design studio (Sofia, 22 Prof Dr Dimitar Atanasov St, ground floor, offices 2-3; phone: +359 897 05 33 88; The studio's young professionals effortlessly apply individual approach to each client and space, provide a creative yet functional solution for any type of interior, and bravely use the latest technologies and concepts for home automation to secure greater comfort of inhabitation. Contact BASE and you will see that the ready result will go beyond your boldest expectations with a design that not only fits your habits and behaviour, but also guesses them correctly to provide you comfort you have never felt before.

For more than 10 years Dafinesse interior design studio has successfully created solutions that bring life and individual spirit and atmosphere to indoor spaces. This is the result of careful examination of the space's properties and the options for functional layout, consideration of the client's individual desires, and skilful communication with the professionals participating in the process of a project realisation. Dafinesse offers the full range of services for a space transformation, such as interior design and spatial layout, authoring of technical projects and furniture design, complex reconstruction, interior project management, author's supervision and consultation on interior renovation and real estate purchase. With its personal approach, rich erudition and skill to find the balance between desired and possible, Dafinesse is a reliable companion to anyone who wants a residential or public interior where individuality is not just a word, but a living reality. Contact Dafinesse on phone 0878 966 177, or FB: Dafinesse / Interior design.

The international experience with clients in Luxembourg makes a priceless part of the expertise of Atelier M+ architecture studio (Sofia, 20 Oborishte St; phones: +359 899 684 411, +359 885 445 523; The atelier's professionals believe that truly valuable interior and architecture solutions can be possible only when they preserve their aesthetic and functional qualities for decades. The architects at Atelier M+ achieve this by combining innovative thinking with respect to the established rules of everyday life, the sensitivity for modern detail and art. When starting work on a new project, Atelier M+ architects have utter respect for the task as they realise that they are about to create a completely new world. With joy and energy they are ready to seek and find new, bold solutions that leave a trace and provide a tranquil, comfortable and highly aesthetically pleasing living environment.

Creating an interior for a particular client is like creating a tailored piece of clothes, and even more demanding: this is the understanding of the professionals at Rejin Design studio (phone: +359 898 456 452; When they start working on a residential interior, they take care to create a space that fits the individuality of each of the inhabitants. To ensure that the realised project reflects fully the ideas born in their imagination, they also offer to organise the overhaul, the furniture manufacture and selection, and the author's supervision. The results are impressive – each space designed by Rejin Design stands out with the studio's emblematic combination of high style, comfort without compromises and individuality.

Partnership with a good interior designer is only a part of the process of transforming a space into a triumph of aesthetics and function. To achieve a complete, finished result, you need to be sure that each detail of the realisation and furnishing matches best your lifestyle, tastes and desires. From coatings and parquet floors to furniture and the kitchen to home accessories – all of these are key when looking for an excellent result without compromises.

When you want to bring in the interior the feel of cosiness, warmth and beauty, natural wood parquet is a solution like no other. But not all parquets are created equal. You will understand it once you see an interior covered with the help of Parketsense (Sofia, 77 Simeonovsko Shose Blvd; phone: 0878 374 635, 0878 622 623; – the only parquet boutique in Bulgaria. For 11 years now Parketsense has offered on the Bulgarian market carefully selected parquets from all over the world of the highest quality and in a variety of options. Luxury 3-layer and massive wood parquets of renowned Italian manufacturers? A range of colours, polishings and sizes, both trendy and classical? Art and patterned parquet? At Parketsense you will find all of these. If you are not sure what will be best for your interior and taste, you will be competently consulted at the showroom. The company also offers parquet design and installation.

Modern building technologies allow us to let nature into our home and imperceptibly, but permanently, to make it a part of our everyday life. When you are after such a result, one of the best solutions are the floor coverings and wall coatings by KOURASANIT (Sofia, 79-81 Georgi S. Rakovski St; phone: +359 882 942 950, Developed from natural materials after technologies used since Antiquity, KOURASANIT products are environmentally friendly and visually satisfying. They can be used equally well in both exteriors and interiors, during repairs or when designing a completely new space. Stepping on century-long traditions, KOURASANIT coatings are an innovative product made of different natural aggregates, combined with pozzolana (lava) and hydrated lime. KOURASANIT products shine in a wide range of natural colours with stunning aesthetic effect, impressive durability and ability to create a healthy living environment.

The kitchen is one of the key spaces in any home, so it should be not only comfortable and equipped with the necessary technology and amenities, but should also please the eye and fit the tastes of the inhabitants. The task may seem a hard one to crack, but one visit to Nido's showroom (Sofia, 120 Cherni Vrah Blvd; phone: 02 421 9646;; will convince you the opposite is true. Nido is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria for the Italian kitchens LUBE, which are one of the best high-end products on the market. Personalisation is all for LUBE kitchens, aiming to provide each client with what their family and home really need without compromising with the quality, the materials and the aesthetics. Regardless of whether you choose a traditional or a modern style, the LUBE kitchens can be adapted to the tiniest detail to fit perfectly in your home, and in your life. Then all you have to do is enjoy them.

Even the best interior project will remain nothing more than a beautiful idea without comfortable, stylish and modern furniture to turn it into a reality. For more than 25 years, the Romanian manufacturer of upholstered furniture Mobiladalin ( has created remarkable collections of sofas, chairs, armchairs, mattresses and tables. They combine the aim to full comfort with the balance between the traditions of old Romanian furniture and the latest international trends. This is why each Mobiladalin product is a true masterpiece. The various combinations of colours, materials and styles allow us to furnish our home or office in our own, unique way. Mobiladalin's designers are aware how important touch is for the feel of comfort and pay special attention to upholstery. At the same time they take care to create furniture with long life and of impeccable quality. This is why it is hardly a surprise that Mobiladalin is among the leaders of Romanian manufacturers of upholstered furniture and has stores all over Europe. The company's furniture is also in Bulgaria, with official stores in Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Plovdiv and Ruse.

Natural wood is unsurpassed with the warmth and cosiness that it brings in the interior. The company for manufacture of furniture of massive wood and veneer Mmobili (phone: +359 886 740 286;, for its part, is unsurpassed in the design of classical and modern solutions for each type of interior. Mmobili uses the traditional technologies of Italian artisans with contemporary taste and manufactures bespoke furniture that fits the desires and goes beyond the expectations of clients from all over the world. For people who want something truly incredible, the collection of hand-painted furniture Mobili Decorati offers an elegant and stylish way to stand out. Browse the catalogues of finished projects by Mmobili or visit the showroom in Sofia, on 150 Vitosha Blvd, and you will see that with this company the step from dreaming about elegant wood furniture and having it is incredibly easy and pleasant.

The warmth and charm of live fire cannot be replaced with any analogue, but not everyone can or want to have a traditional fireplace at their home. The solution are bioethanol fireplaces, represented on the Bulgarian market by Biokamini Fria (Sofia, Mladost 4, Block 601; phone: +359 882 10 30 58; Bioethanol fireplaces are an accessible, stylish and safe way to bring live flames in your home, office, restaurant or hotel. They use a renewable energy source and do not require a chimney, as they do not emanate smoke or any harmful emissions. Place them at a key spot in the space and you will have both an impressive accent and a source of warmth and cosiness. Which bioethanol fireplace is the best for your interior, garden or terrace? Biokamini Fria import models by established international producers and are ready to make you a tailored fireplace after individual desire and taste.

A Middle Eastern metal lampshade, an exotic jute carpet, a teak coffee table – artisanal objects and raw natural materials help an interior to have an authentic, attractive and cosy atmosphere, to have its own soul. The e-store My Soul Depot ( helps for this transformation. At My Soul Depot you will find a variety of furniture, lightning, home accessories, carpets and textile objects charged with the spirit of exotic places. The pieces offered by My Soul Depot are not only beautiful. They have been designed and manufactured with the thought of the needs of the modern urbanite and are also comfortable and functional. 


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