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Not so long ago artificial intelligence was a thing from the movies and science fiction novels

Vince Gaydarzhiev and Tina D’Agostin, Alcatraz AI

At present, it is a part of our everyday life and it is making its way into a growing number of areas, including security and access control in buildings and public spaces. Artificial intelligence is now able to collect and process statistical and biometrical data, make adequate decisions, predict behaviours and detect threats. The high-tech startup company Alcatraz AI has developed a revolutionary access control solution integrating artificial intelligence with facial recognition to offer customers secure access, free movement, and a touchless experience. 

Vince Gaydarzhiev is the Founder & CPO of Alcatraz AI. He was born in Bulgaria and has been living in the USA for long years now. Previously Vince worked at NVIDIA on the embedded multimedia systems that power Tesla Model S, BMW, and Audi. Later on, he joined Apple to lead the hardware prototype engineering team for iPad and iPhone, where FaceID was in development. This is where he saw a clear need for a better, future-proof access control platform not only for mobile but also for the physical world, autonomously authenticating employees and checking for tailgating, significantly increasing security without the expense of friction.

Tina D’Agostin is the CEO of Alcatraz AI. She has previously served as the Chief Revenue Officer for Alcatraz AI, responsible for driving top-line growth and expanding Alcatraz’s footprint globally. Tina brings over 25 years of experience within the security technology and solutions industry, with leadership experience building high-performing organisations in hardware, IT, and smart technologies. Before Alcatraz AI, Tina was the General Manager of Building Technology & Solutions at Johnson Controls, focused on delivering smart building technologies to global companies. 

What is Alcatraz AI and its product?

Alcatraz AI is a high technology “hardware-as-a-service” start-up.

The company has developed the first autonomous access control platform that revolutionises physical security by providing facial authentication and breach detection through artificial intelligence to modernise and improve access control systems. The Alcatraz Rock is the next generation for touchless access control that future-proofs physical security while decreasing friction.

Alcatraz AI

How was the company created?

Alcatraz AI was created to bring a fully integrated hardware and software AI-powered access control product to the market with technology to solve multiple physical security vulnerabilities around door security, including identity verification, breach detection, touchless authentication, and video surveillance.

Our technology leverages AI to be the first line of defense in buildings by verifying a person’s identity using their face as a credential as well as to detect, assess, and notify security professionals about threats using real-time analytics.

The Rock is mounted next to the door at eye height and is equipped with multiple sensors, including a 3D sensor and a color camera. This provides a unique view of individuals accessing a space. These sensors combined with the onboard computing power allow the device to replace multiple disparate security devices and provide security teams an automated way to manage access to their buildings and give employees a frictionless experience during their workday.

Alcatraz AI

What is the Alcatraz team like?

Alcatraz AI has a small but very strong team of professionals in all of its business functions, which allows the company to develop fast its quality product and technology. The engineering team of Alcatraz is located in Bulgaria and the leadership and sales teams are located in the USA.

The company and its team are led by the values of innovation, quality and simplicity, collaboration and integrity. The team innovates in all aspects of their work to drive a better product for clients’ emotional experience.

Clients of Alcatraz AI are Fortune 2000 companies and government institutions in the USA.

Alcatraz AI

What makes the product unique?

Alcatraz AI is the next generation of secure self-access into buildings without carrying physical credentials. Our technology takes away the burden of users to think about security and gives the freedom to move around secured spaces while giving security teams the insight they need to each door to protect people, property, and assets. We’re the first security company to provide AI-driven autonomous access with facial authentication, tailgating detection, and video at the door, all in one cutting-edge device, saving companies over $500 million in possible tailgating breaches.

We created an intelligent access control experience by autonomously leveraging the unique power of the human face to create safer buildings and touchless user experiences without the need for multiple products. Alcatraz Rock operates autonomously to recognize faces, creating a seamless interaction between the device and person when granting access. Our technology creates safer touchless environments and new user experiences when authenticating.

Alcatraz AI

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