Sofia's restaurants give us the opportunity to try the tastes of countries close and far
Rakiya is an indispensable part of life in this country. Consume it responsibly and with pleasure 
My foreigner friends serve Bulgarian wines every time they organise a dinner party. In the past few years, however, their and their guests' attitude towards these wines changed visibly. Before, my friends' choice of labels was determined mainly by politeness:…
Sofia's restaurants give us more in summer - both delicious food and air where to enjoy it
"Aim for authenticity," are some of the words describing our times. Regardless of whether we are tourists visiting a new place or we are living our ordinary lives, we are after authentic experiences and tastes. Food is probably the most…
In the recent years every time when we go out for dinner with friends in Sofia we face significant difficulties. The reasons is not in the lack of good places where to meet. On the contrary! Recently Sofia has experiences…
When consumed responsibly and with pleasure, Rakiya is a sight of its own
Sofia is becoming livelier, more diverse, speaking a growing number of languages, and this change is seemingly happening not on a daily, but on an hourly basis. But in the Bulgarian capital nothing can compare in diversity of the experience…
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