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The sensible selection of a real estate agency guarantees successful deal

How does your dream home look like? What in your opinion is the most reasonable price for the apartment you want to sell? There are many answers to such questions, but each of them includes a constant that you cannot navigate around: the real estate agency.

The reasonable customers seek help from a quality property agency. The specialised companies have a broad portfolio of properties to offer. The long years of experience of their staff will help you to clear for yourself what exactly home or office you want to buy or rent. Often, both buyers and sellers have unrealistic expectations on what their money can buy or how much does their property cost. The professional real estate agent is the voice of reason in such situations and will show a more realistic picture to his client, thus saving him time, money and disappointment from false expectations.

The good property agencies help you to navigate in the legal side of the deal, which is often hard to comprehend by non-professionals. Their websites are well maintained, with clearly systematised properties, thus helping you to make your choice. The professionals are on your side in each step of the identification of a prospective property or buyer, the negotiations and the shaping and execution of the deal.

When you are looking for a reliable professional property broker with a wide network in Sofia, Imoteka (phone: 0889 70 70 70) is among the best choices. Imoteka is a part of the AG Capital group with its authority and internal rules, and the professionals working in it have over 20 years of experience. They are equally good when they help you selling or buying, renting or letting a residential or business property, at the best prices for you. Imoteka's lawyers follow the changes in the law and check the properties from the company's catalogue, thus making sure that the clients are going to make the best deal. Besides an access to a broad portfolio of quality real estates, including new ones from investor, Imoteka offers additional services like mortgage consultancy, buildings assessment and maintenance.

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