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I love going to other people's homes and not because I like prying in their most intimate space. I love it, because their homes reflect – often unconsciously, – who these people actually are. Homes never lie about the personality of their owners. I have strong memories of perfectly clean, standard spaces that lack any personal objects, art or even books and plants: the decors of people so devoted to the task of impressing the visitor that even they seem like guests in their own homes. I remember, with love and a bit of envy, the antiques and paintings, and photos, and books of the homes of scientists and people of art: abodes of dozens of objects each with its story, exhibited not as in a museum, but in a living and loving environment. I have relaxed in country houses, not only because I was outside the city, but because these places were cosily furnished with wood and traditional rugs and were inhabited by calm, a bit old-fashioned but warm hosts.

Yes, our homes are more than places where we rest, eat and sleep. Our homes "see" us at our most intimate. They "hear" our conversations with family and friends, they "witness" us cry and laugh, read a book and watch TV. They "see" us sleep. They are a part of us.

But just like we often need help with sorting out our own personalities, so we do with our homes. Furnishing them in a way that will reflect who we actually are is a hard task. There are so many things to consider: from the colour of the walls to the coverings of the floors, from the style of the furniture to the distribution of space and the selection of objects of art for it. Indeed, furnishing a home and making it an inhabitable, comfortable yet unique space, is an art. It is the element of people who are not only fluent in the recent trends in interior design, but who can read the personalities of the inhabitants of a given home and are capable of creating the best environment for them.

Alex CeibArt Atelier: The power of inspiration
Old masters, nature, the diverse cultures of the world: the sources of inspiration for Alexander Konstantinov from Alex CeibArt Atelier (mobile: 0899 511 365, are many, but his unique style is instantly recognisable. Infatuated by design since 1995, this self-educated artist is equally skilful when he designs and creates furniture, lamps and home accessories after his own designs or when he follows the ideas of his clients. Alexander Konstantinov works with natural materials and pays a lot of attention even to the minutest of details. As a result, his creations are modern, elegant and classy. The love for all things beautiful has inspired the designer to offer restoration as well, and he is able to bring back the former glory of antique furniture as if the time hasn't passed, or to change it into a modernised, glossier version of its formers self.

Mirookki: Made-in-Bulgaria Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design was born in a particular part of the world, but it adapts pretty well in all environments thanks to its clear lines, good materials and functionality. In Bulgaria, Mirookki (mobile: 0887 628 443, is one of the proofs for this. The company for design, produce and assembly of furniture is run by an ambitious and young team of Bulgarians and consultants from Sweden and Norway who create furniture and interiors following the principles of Scandinavian design and top-quality materials. Kitchens and living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms – there is hardly a part in the home which Mirookki is not capable to transform into a heaven of clean lines, practicality and comfort. The company works with the best manufacturers of materials and home appliances, and strictly follows the European standards and nature-friendly requirements.

Alexandrina Alexandrova Interior Design Studio: The taste of individuality

Regardless of whether she is designing a country house, an apartment or a restaurant, designer Alexandrina Alexandrova (Plovdiv, 2 Otets Paisiy St, phone: +359 878 100 952, is guided by several major principles. She pays special attention to the preferences and desires of the client, and carefully thinks over the interior solutions, the used materials, furniture and decorations. Alexandrina Alexandrova eagerly experiments with the trendy combinations between vintage, classical and modern furniture, antiques and modern materials, and her personal taste goes towards the vintage style. Her studio offers sizing of the property, drawings and 3D visualisations, as well as manufacturing of custom furnishing and author's supervision during the execution of the project.

EDO Design Studio: Mission: Modern design
EDO Design Studio (Sofia, 1 Nishava St, phones: Nikolay Nikolov 0888 886 882, Stefan Petrov 0988 833 191, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,, consists of a young and ambitious team with a rich experience in the design and implementation of residential and public interiors, architecture and product design. The knowledge and understanding for functionality and aesthetics manage to turn each site, regardless of its condition in the initial phase, into a complete, modern and functional interior. EDO Design Studio is also experienced in project management, which is always connected with the process of implementation.

NIDO Furniture Store: Client comes first
The furnishing of the home is a very special moment: when you are at home, you want to feel well and to forget the everyday problems. NIDO Furniture Store (Sofia, 1 Andrey Lyapchev Blvd, phone: 02 421 9645, knows this well and always puts first the desires of its clients. Since 1994, the company has been proving itself as a professional one, in a constant search for the new and the interesting for your home. The serious attention even to the tiniest details is a NIDO trademark, and the company has been certified as a correct partner for a third consecutive year. NIDO believes in the different and has one of the most nonstandard showrooms in the world: a small settlement of wooden houses in a former industrial building. There you will find inspiring furniture of Italian quality for each part of the home: kitchen furniture, bedrooms and wardrobes, children's rooms, sofas and TV compositions, garden furniture, lighting, as well as bathroom equipment, tiles and furniture. NIDO also offers excellent solutions for the office, from classic to the latest fashion. As a compliment, the client is provided with ideas for each budget, consultancy with designers, shipping and installation.

Mebel Bg: Quality in your home
During its years of presence on the Bulgarian market, Mebel Bg (Sofia, 14 Pirin St, mobile: 0878 157 555,, Facebook) has become a household name. And for a reason. The company for furniture and interior design is not afraid to go the extra mile in order to satisfy the desires of its clients. Mebel Bg is paying attention to each detail, finding the optimal balance between design and functionality in interior. The company makes no compromises with the used materials and casing – it works only with the best casing and top quality materials – wood based panels, MDF and solid wood by leading European manufacturers. The colour palette has more than 400 colours. The flexibility and the devotion of Mebel Bg are your guarantee that you will have a modern and comfortable interior, furnished with aesthetic, ergonomic and durable furniture.

2 Studio: Design is responsibility
A practical yet stunning interior that mirrors and complements your personality, and furnishing of the best materials that is unique and built to last. If you recognise your desires in the previous sentence, then you need 2 Studio (phone: 0887 707 401, Led by Architect Yavor Shumanov, this studio for architecture and interior design is equally good when designing a private or a public space. In both cases, the result is practical and aesthetically pleasing. The secret of 2 Studio's success? The company knows how important preliminary interior project is for the satisfying final result. Having everything planned and approved ahead, you can be sure that you won't have to change anything when the work is over and that everything will look just like you wanted it. The studio offers as well design, produce, delivery and installation of furniture after its own unique designs.

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