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Get the best out of Bulgaria – a property of excellent quality in a hospitable country

Wages may be low, morale – even lower, but there is something that Bulgarians can be envied for, if we overlook the three hundred wine cellars and the mellow, sunny climate. Most Bulgarians own their home and live with the certainty that whatever happens in the world, they have their place in it. No matter if the home in question is a sprawling village house or a tiny apartment in the centre of the city, they take pride in it.

If you are one of those who are tempted by Bulgaria's charm and laid back atmosphere, a little research can get you in the forefront of the wave. For the last two years city residents are increasingly looking for ways to combine the beckoning nature and peacefulness with the requirements and entertainment of the city centre. Bulgaria doesn't have the idea of suburbs, so the closest you can get to it is the residential complexes that crop up in the city outskirts and create a sense of security and intimacy. The key is strategic placement – such as that of the Theatre of Dreams complex just out of Plovdiv. The gated community has 21 family houses and 18 apartments in modern buildings. Green areas, outdoor pool and playground contribute to the luxuries of the shared space, and the complex is serviced by a fitness club, a restaurant, a shop and a lobby bar. The smart planning features in the needs of the residents – garages, inner roads and the nearby artery provide your quick connection to Plovdiv, while round-the-clock security equipped with video monitoring and live guards contribute to your feeling of safety.

In case the versatile seaside has caught your eye, look around for good deals in price and location. The northern coast offers significantly fewer monstrous buildings as compared to the southern part, and has interesting atmosphere of sunny cliffs and sandy beaches. Fancy living in or around Varna – the third biggest Bulgarian city? Trust Balinov Invest to offer you the solution, be it a trendy panoramic apartment in a newly-built residential complex in the Sredna Traka area of Varna, a splendid view of the sunrise over the beaches of Evksinograd residence at a five-minute distance from the city centre, or the peaceful atmosphere of the town of Byala with a studio or an apartment only metres from the beach.

If you are in favour of warmer climates, Sunny Beach remains a classic for a reason. The Yassen Holiday Complex offers fully furnished apartments for sale, so you can kick off your holiday to a great start. The complex boasts a swimming pool and children's area as well as round-the-clock security. All you need is at the same place, including restaurant, supermarket and shops – and the beach is right there too, just 70 m away.

Whichever option you choose, furniture soon becomes a concern. Bulgaria has a good number of providers who import both from the West and East – such as Valdo Antique House furniture shop in Burgas which offer not only Bulgarian sets for the kitchen, bedroom and children's room, but also imported ones from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia and Hong Cong. The quality is high, and the feel is unmistakably modern and stylish, with smooth textures and block colours blending to create a comfortable environment. Valdo caters to its nostalgically inclined clients as well with sections on authentic antique furniture, imported from the great paragons of baroque and rococo style such as France, Belgium, Britain and the Netherlands. The splendor of centuries past features in massive oak tables, leather armchairs, and opulent sofas with soft curves and richly coloured upholstery.

If you can't make up your mind, go for variety and La Casa furniture house in Varna. Use the extensive catalogue to narrow down your preference for any room of your home – living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and hall. The options of classic and modern look will give
you a number of varieties, as well as ideas how to adopt them for your own use.

When it comes to interior, it's the details that count in the creation of unforgettable atmosphere. Hemus hand-made carpets are one way to do it, with a design selected from the catalogue or created anew to suit your choice of décor. The quality of the hand-woven wool and cotton
strands is the highest possible and the client list of Hemus testify to that. In it, dignitaries and old families from the European aristocracy abound, and the individually-produced carpets decorate the
rooms of the British royal family and Mick Jagger alike. The products of Hemus have the quality of heirlooms and their value on international auctions has already been proven, with 20-year-old
carpets fetching double prices from connoisseurs of fine things.

Lighting is an important feature of the home, since it shapes the character and mood. High-class is the way to go – crystal chandeliers might sound strange, but you can get your own design with the
professionals from Art Bohemia. The range of materials allows you to match it to your interior, while the delicate crystal pieces play with the light in a way that turns your home into a palace. You don't have to worry about handling the fragile works – delivery is included by the company.

Whether you want to outfit your home, office or garden with lighting, you can do so from your own home with the help of Ultralight online shop. The selection is easy and varied, so you will quickly find items to your satisfaction and will save yourself a lot of trouble and nerves in omitting the shop rounds.

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