Remarkable design is impossible without good architects and interior designers
Bulgaria's property market prepares for an excellent 2018
The experienced designer and the quality furniture, materials and art are the key to having impeccable home and office
The rise of the IT and outsourcing powers the demand and construction of Class A office properties
In 2017, interest in luxury and exclusive real estate is on the rise – and for a reason
Tall and oval, covered with diamond-shaped patterns, and formidably leaning: there is hardly anyone who has not noticed the building rising on the capital’s entrance from Tsarigradsko Shosse Boulevard.
"We shape our buildings, therefore they shape us," said Winston Churchill and although he was a politician and not an architect, we only have to look around to realise that he was right. The cities are full with examples for…
The interior designer and the right furnishing and home accessories make our life more beautiful
New residential properties in Sofia are modern, comfortable and designed with care for the people who will live in them
Excellent offers, active demand and stable rents define the office property market in 2016
The sensible selection of a real estate agency guarantees successful deal
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