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Architect Vladimir Georgiev on the advantages and challenges facing contemporary architecture

Young, innovation-driven and with rich experience – this is in short the team of V&V Achitects. Based in Stara Zagora, the studio works in all fields of design with unfaltering quality and partners with clients and companies not only in the region, but also abroad. Architect Vladimir Georgiev tells more.

Why investment in property construction outside Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna is worth it?

Bulgaria's largest cities develop dynamically, which has led to shortage of properties at reasonable price and size. In smaller, but strategically located towns like Stara Zagora, Pazardzhik, Yambol and Sliven, real estate and labour are more affordable, and communication between business, education and local government is easier.

V&V Architects	What are the advantages of Stara Zagora in particular?

Stara Zagora's municipality has always supported business, providing competitive conditions for its growth. The city is located on transcontinental and international roads and has been for years voted as the best place for living in Bulgaria because of its high standard of living and quality schools and jobs. The region's population is young and growing, but thanks to the city's size and planning Stara Zagora does not choke with people and traffic. Living is easy here.

Architecture and design – how these definitions are present in Stara Zagora?

Recently, Stara Zagora architects have preferred facades with more modern design and architecture of classical cubic shapes that bring in a fresher, more modern vibe in the city. Investors, for their part, ask for modern, contemporary homes equipped with smart technologies – the standard of tomorrow.

V&V Architects

Which are your most interesting recent projects?

V&V Achitects is a proud author of varied projects: boutique residential buildings, interiors, bars and restaurants, apartment blocks, industrial buildings, reshaping and modernisation of spaces. We have worked on a private industrial area on over 80 ha and have authored a project for the region's largest residential building with over 400 units. We also work on projects commissioned by international companies and foreign investors in Bulgaria.

What professionals work at V&V Architects?

Specialists in all fields, with experience and contacts created in projects in Bulgaria and around the world. Creating a good and united team asks for trust and responsibility. At V&V Architects we carefully select the people who will become a part of our family and with who we will work and overcome new challenges.

V&V Architects

Your team has one of the highest competences in design using EU's ВIМ standards. Tell us more about that.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a new standard for preparation of project documentation of building installations and outfits via 3D models. Everything can be modelled with it – building details, outfits, installations, small elements. Every virtual object created with BIM is a prototype of the real one with all of its parameters.

Our team holds BIM LEVEL 2, which in some EU countries is now a required element in project documentation submission. The standard allows us to provide precise quantity calculations, detailed models, real-time virtual trips and 3D visualisation, keeping both clients and teams working on site fully informed.

V&V Architects

On what projects do you work with foreign partners?

Probably the most interesting of those is the construction of the first аquaponic farm in Bulgaria. This is an innovative technology for growing organic and fresh vegetables using a self-maintaining organic system.

The work with international partners in Bulgaria and abroad has always interested us, because it widens our perspective and allows us to provide our clients with a different point of view on their future home.


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V&V Architects


V&V Architects

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