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Architect Nikolina Sergieva on the connection with client as a challenge and inspiration

Designing a functional and contemporary home or children's room looks easy... as a child's play. Architect Nikolina Sergieva is aware that appearances deceit. Designing a space, regardless of its size, is a challenge that asks from the interior designer experience, solid knowledge and explorer's spirit. The founder of Night Fox Design interior design studio shares more about the role of author's supervision and the connection with clients.

Why did you decide to open your own interior design studio?

I started working as an interior designer a bit as a tease. While studying architecture at New Bulgarian University, I participated in a competition in Italy, and won third place. I shared the news on the social media and in a night I gained over 1,000 likes. This visibility brought me several small commissions. Then, for a time I partnered with another architect and gained experience in several architecture studios. The decision to specialise in interior design came naturally, but as an architect I also do architectural projects.

Architect Nikolina SergievaWhat clients and projects are your main target?

I have designed public interiors, but I focus on family homes. I prefer smaller tasks because they are easier to grasp and are always very personal, warmer. Working directly with my clients allows me to step in their shoes, making a good project and an interior that will serve without any need for change for the next 10 years. Working on public interiors is funny and interesting, as many factors such as branding and overall design should be considered. But there I have less opportunity to know the people who are going to use the interior.

Regardless of the type of interior I work on, I am a stickler for author's supervision. Particularly in public interiors. There deadlines are crucial and a number of details and elements should be designed and manufactured specifically for the restaurant, office, store. Without author's supervision undesired things will inevitably happen.

Do you have a favourite trend for 2020?

Not only for 2020. Current trends aim for cleaner design, modernism and Scandinavian style with colour accents, because minimalistic interiors are more easily maintained. This is particularly true for small living spaces, but is also valid for public spaces that in Bulgaria as a rule are not very large.

What package services do you offer and what are their advantages?

Our packages are designed to fit the budget and preferences of the client and the type of interior. The basic package for residential interior design includes preparation of a layout architectural design with visualisations and installations. Author's supervision is not included. The basic plan is for clients who prefer to supervise the implementation by themselves.

Night Fox Design interior design studio

Author's supervision makes the service more expensive, but without it quality implementation of a project is close to impossible. That is why this service is included in our package for complete interior design of homes, together with complete technical documentation, project management, selection of construction and other workers teams tasted in time.

The project's quality is defined not only by design quality, but also by quality of implementation. That is why our package for public interiors always includes author's supervision. I refuse to work on public interiors if I cannot supervise the implementation.

Our most expensive package includes everything, from acquiring construction permit to the finishing works. It includes everything mentioned above, plus architectural design.

Which of your projects was your greatest challenge?

Each project is a challenge and from each of them I have learnt something new and have acquired a new experience. Even from small ones. My latest challenge is design of a family house with innovative heating installation. These engineering elements should be included in the project from the very beginning so that they are quality implemented and provide comfort of inhabitance.

Communication with people is probably both the greatest challenge and the most interesting part of every project I work on.


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