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Dr Dora Pachova Dr Dora Pachova

The founder of the center for health and education on the opportunities provided by alternative medicine

Today homeopathic medicine is a staple in the pharmacies and our lives, but it was not always so. DR DORA PACHOVA is one of the people who made that happen. A physician by education, she has practiced homeopathy for 26 years. Besides being the creator of the Center for Health and Education Edicta, Dr Pachova is Chairwoman of the Association of Homeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria, a coordinator of the Education Subcommittee of the European Committee for Homeopathy and a representative for Bulgaria of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica International (LMHI).

How and why did you decide to specialise homeopathy?

As early as medicine student I was taken aback by the realisation that many ailments will get worse regardless of the physician's best efforts. I started looking for additional treatment options. Before 1989, it was impossible to study traditional and complementary medicine in Bulgaria. I decided to be a scientist and joined the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. My quest for answers never ceased. I studied and practiced traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, iris diagnosis, phytotherapy, but the first homeopathy lecture I attended was a revelation. I realised it was what I was looking for - as philosophy of health and disease and as possibilities to cure. Meanwhile, many of my friends and relatives developed serious health problems. Treating them was hard but satisfying, as I saw results that would be impossible otherwise. I am thankful for this. This is why I continue to learn and share my knowledge. Why am I still a homeopath? Because of the smiles and the restored hope and health of the people who trust me.

How did the field develop in Bulgaria after 1989?

Homeopathy has 130 years of history in Bulgaria, but when we organised the first homeopathy lectures in 1993 we did not know that. We started with enthusiasm and dedication, we lacked textbooks and Bulgarian teachers, the society was suspicious. We can be only proud with what we achieved in less than 30 years.

Many people participated in this process. Development of homeopathy in Bulgaria is a huge project that asked for new skills and lots of courage, and we learnt "on the move" how to organise and evolve, how to build a community and publicise our work. We need to pay due respect to pharmaceutical companies, thanks to them homeopathic medicines are now in pharmacies.

Today, the Bulgarian Health Law recognises homeopathy and the Association of Homeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria is an associated member of the Bulgarian Medical Association. An increasing number of patients and physicians use homeopathic medicines. We are internationally recognised: in 2018, Bulgaria hosted the International Homeopathy Symposium of the European Committee for Homeopathy and the International Association of Veterinary Homeopathy. We have a huge field of further development.

What should we know about homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a treatment method ahead of its time. Its new generation of medicines carry information that the organism uses to restore its health. For best results, patients should consult colleagues with proper homeopathic education for individual therapy. The good homeopathic physician undergoes at least 3 years of theoretical training and works under the supervision of an experienced practitioner before using homeopathy's full potential for treatment of chronic diseases.

Homeopathy offers solutions where official medicine cannot. It is suitable for all ages, especially pregnant women and small children. It can be applied independently or combined with other methods. Professional homeopaths from all over the world have gathered overwhelmingly positive experience for the method's effectiveness. In Bulgaria, homeopathic physicians are becoming better by the day. My greatest task now is to create a network of medical professionals in different fields ready to partner with us, homeopathic physicians. My personal experience has proven that this is when we are most helpful to people.

Who works in the Center for Health and Education Edicta?

Wonderful people and exceptional professionals. We offer a number of complementary treatment methods – homeopathy and psychological consultation, scenar therapy, Su-jok, iris diagnosis, anthroposophic medicine. I communicate with patients in Bulgarian, English, Russian, German and Macedonian languages.

Our motto is "Health has real healing powers," so we always explain all details during individual consultations. When people leave the consultation room in Edicta, they realise what is the reason behind their problems and the family dynamics that determines them. All of this helps the healing process.

We organise trainings in psychobiology revealing the connection between health and emotions, psyche and physical ailments. Thursday evenings are dedicated to talks, education and sharing on psychology, astrology, coaching practices, Dr Bach therapy and other topics.

We publish specialised and popular science publications on medicine and knowledge of personality and its development. The smooth work is possible thanks to Maria Djongova, clinical psychologist and programme manager, and Darina Alenova, responsible for our PR and publishing activity.

The Charm Of Life

Who can participate in the courses in Edicta's School of Homeopathy?

We organise trainings in homeopathy and integrative medicine for physicians after a curriculum accredited by the European Committee for Homeopathy. Together with our trainers we create a community of physicians with integrative broader knowledge of health and diseases. We are proud with our team of trainers – homeopathic physicians with long-term experience in the field. For 15 years we have partnered with Homeopathic Research Institute at Pune, India. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni has had 30 seminars in Bulgaria so far. We also partner with Dr. Russell Malcolm from the Faculty of Homeopathy, Great Britain, and Dr. Heinz Wittwer from Switzerland. We organise practical trainings for homeopathic physicians in Bulgaria and abroad.

Tell us more about your project The Charm of Life.

The project is dedicated to the importance of prenatal period, a crucial time for any individual's later development and life. We popularise methods and techniques that help pregnant women to overcome different physical and psychological challenges. Music, which is a universal language understood by the baby in uterus, and reading aloud are central for our method. Our colleague Darina Alenova has a PhD on the role of reading aloud during pregnancy on baby development and on improvement of the family relations.

In 2018, we published the book Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life. Suitable for both women and men, it is dedicated to the connection of pregnancy, the manner of birth and the individual's behavioural models. We also produced 2 CDs with music suitable for listening during pregnancy, performed by Ivelina Ivancheva, Desislava Cholakova and Girgina Girginova.

Music for the Senses Invisible

Our desire is to create a wide public platform for support of expecting mothers. We invite everyone who is interested in the prenatal period and realises its importance to participate and partner with us for a positive change in the most important period in an individual's development.



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