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Engineer Kostadinka Kanurova Engineer Kostadinka Kanurova

The founder of the consultancy company on quality that has no price

Engineer Kostadinka Kanurova established the consultancy company for exclusive property in 2014, when she sensed it was time to work for herself. Back then she already had a solid experience in construction, real estate, and property management. Today Engineer Kanurova combines the career of a successful consultant with being a wife and a mother of two boys.

How the property market in Bulgaria looks in 2020?

Stable. The prices of new mid- and high-level construction are on the rise, although slowly. New projects are getting better architecture-wise and in their construction are used the latest product innovations in construction. About 2 years ago most clients were looking for buy-to-let properties. Today the majority is searching for a home. These clients are more careful in their choice and more critical to each detail of construction.

Why do we need a consultant such as KMV when buying a property?

Real estate should be considered a long-term investment of significant financial resources from which, years later, we can return the initial investment with a profit. To achieve that knowing well the property market is needed, risks should be carefully thought-over and last, but not least, we have to protect ourselves from bad faith sellers and to be sure that in the end we will receive what we have paid for. We, as consultants and intermediaries, offer real estate and solutions for which we guarantee with the investors' good reputation and quality of construction.

Gora residential community

Gora residential community


What makes you different than the others?

Besides offering the full range of brokerage services in buying, selling and renting real estate, KMV Property Management also consults investors and developers in their investment projects. Our experience and constant feedback from end clients makes us a preferred consultant with solutions that make our buyers satisfied with their choice of property and sales happen as early as the off plan phase. Our work on projects starts in the moment when the investor chooses a particular plot for development. We actively participate together with the architects in the design process, we define the target clients that we want as buyers, we prepare the complete marketing programme and pricing, and we serve as brokers during the sale process. We are with the investor until the moment when the new owners receive the keys to their homes.

Which are your latest projects?

One of the projects we are working on is GORA residential compound by Paradise Center. On 15,000 sq.m are located only 62 residential units. The rest 10,000 sq.m are a green park for the future inhabitants. The entirely underground parking means that children will be able to play undisturbed by cars. Each residential unit is designed for optimal comfort of inhabitation. The high quality of construction, the panoramic views of the Vitosha mountain and the excellent locations are just some of the advantages that make GORA properties stand out from the rest on the market.

VMV Residence, Sofia

VMV Residence, Sofia


Another is the apartment block VMV Residence in Dianabad neighbourhood. Designed with modern and outstanding appearance, it has bright and spacious 2- and 3-bedroom flats. Again, high-class materials will be used in construction to guarantee the future owners' comfort. Currently, the rough construction is over, exploitation permit is expected by mid-2021.

Sales in GORA compound and VMV Residence are already excellent because our clients realise that quality is something worth investing in.


Sofia, Mladost 4, Prof Aleksandar Tanev St, block 469 А, ground floor, office 6

phone: 0883 200 300

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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