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Nikolay Stoyanov Nikolay Stoyanov

Looking for a creative and effective partner in digital marketing? Nikolay Stoyanov, founder and CEO of the premium digital marketing agency

Being a bit scared of all the talk about metrics, audiences and tools in modern digital marketing is a legitimate result in this rapidly changing field. With Influence Vibes you do not need to worry anymore. The premium B2B/B2C agency specializes in effective and cost-efficient digital marketing that works for companies of all sizes and fields of business. We talk with founder and CEO NIKOLAY STOYANOV on the opportunities revealed by modern digital marketing.

Why did you decide to go into digital marketing?

When I was 14 years old, my father had a small business. He asked me if I could make a website for its products and services. With help from a friend, we made the website. A couple of weeks later my father started receiving calls from all over Bulgaria and even from abroad. This was when I saw that we had done something more than just a website. I began to study and to read a lot about it, realizing the huge potential of this field.

This is how I got the passion to make profits for businesses online.

Initially, I worked as a freelancer from home just to accumulate the necessary experience. Most of the time I did not earn any money. What I earned I invested back in my competence and development. In 2008, I got my first internship. It was an amazing experience for me, because I successfully worked with small to large companies and delivered some great results. Since then I fell in love with this career path I have been passionate about digital marketing for 12 years now.

Digital marketing is evolving very rapidly – audiences and their behavior change and so do metrics and means. What are the latest trends in the field?

Yes, this is right! Like almost all other businesses, digital marketing changes a lot on a daily basis along with people's behavior, used tools and metrics. In the past years, I can see that it is very important to be able to work with huge volumes of marketing data and to analyze it right so that you are able to deliver good results in a cost-effective way.

Since business development became a super dynamic process, it requires a big set of tools and techniques to analyze people's behavior. In marketing whatever we do, there is one thing that will never change and this is the need to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time while adjusting on a daily basis to their behavior online.

There is no such thing as current trends because they vary, depending on the business type, the audience and how information has to be delivered. In B2B and B2C this is always different and the used techniques always depend on the target audience.

In China, for example, there are no Google, Facebook or other names common in the West. That is why it is always challenging not to follow trends but to create your own which can lead to individual business success. This is what we do on an everyday basis.

How an ambitious business can benefit from all these?

All businesses want to sell their products or services. It does not matter whether they operate on a local or international level. Digital marketing is not about tools, skills or people, that is why I always define the phrase "Digital Marketing" as an opportunity. An opportunity, because there is not an alternative as fast, cost-effective and able to reach billions of people in a matter of minutes as digital marketing.

Technology evolves and businesses are going through a huge digital transformation in all of their operations so they can serve their customers faster and better. We can see how the old ways of doing business are not working anymore. Big cabinets with envelopes and folders are disappearing from offices, stores do not have warehouses anymore, and so on. The same is relevant for contemporary sales and marketing. Everyone is online nowadays and we can reach them wherever they are.

My advice to ambitious business owners is to find the right partner to help them grow and scale their company through digital marketing. As I said, it is an opportunity that no-one wants to miss in their business journey.

How can Influence Vibes help?

Influence Vibes is a new digital agency in Bulgaria but it is backed up with many years of experience by myself and the people I work with. I am often asked what a "premium agency" is. My answer is that "premium" stands for "dedicated." Our team always tries to put extra effort to learn about our clients' business, competitors and potential customers. I can say that no other local agency is doing it. Moreover, we spent years to become as cost-effective as we are now in what we do. We, and all business owners, know how important it is to maintain constant growth at a reasonable price.

Those are the main reasons why our clients stick with us for years and why both small and big brands love us.

What companies and clients can benefit from your services?

All companies and clients who want to expand their sales with the help of digital marketing can take advantage of our expertise. I am proud to say that the culture we are trying to establish in our company is to work with people who prove themselves in multiple markets in multiple types of business. We serve small to large-scale companies in industries like IT, Finance, Government, Sport, Health, Beauty and others.

On what principle do you choose what marketing approach will you apply to a particular client?

We have two major principles. The first is to understand the client's business. The second is to learn everything about their audience. The type of marketing or tactics we use always depends on those two elements.


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