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Donika Ancheva, owner, on the happiness of bringing variety to swimwear

Choosing swimwear is one of the most important decisions we have to make before the summer's arrival. What are the hottest trends? Which cut will fit best our body type and individuality? With PARAMIDONNA we find an easy answer to these questions. Donika Ancheva, brand's owner, tells more.

What is the swimwear of the sexy woman of 2020?

A sexy woman can wear whatever she wants. What is more important for us, at PARAMIDONNA, is to make all women feel sexy. For me sex appeal is not a matter of voluptuous shapes and revealing cuts, but is all about the woman's overall aura, behaviour and good taste. Every woman wears what she sees as the best for her look and comfort.

Paramidonna, Donika Ancheva

Can we have both comfort and style?

Absolutely! Both can overlap and this is one of our core missions. Style and comfort are all a matter of personal feel. When the two meet, fashion success is guaranteed.

Which are PARAMIDONNA's hottest products?

I do not know where to begin. They are far from few and I am happy that in the past two years almost all of our models are a success. It is another matter that we run a bit before the trends so new cuts sometimes need time to become bestsellers.

Paramidonna swimwear

For the new 2020 season the variety of cuts, colours and materials will be significant. Animal prints will make way to more romantic ones. I cannot wait for the introduction of THE NEW VENUS collection, the most romantic and feminine collection by PARAMIDONNA yet. It was ready as early as late 2018 and we launched it in Paris in the summer of 2019, but it will go on sale in the beginning of April. In it you will find even more of our signature elegance. Shiny colours, fine and soft nude fabrics, pearls and feathers. Swimwear is not restricted anymore to the beach or the swimming pool, it has become a part of evening, party, vacation outfits. We continue with the variety of colours in the One Size collection and in our line of beachwear with skin effect. We value diversity, using the latest and most innovative fabrics.

Sofia, 28 Atanas Dukov St, 2A Emiliyan Stanev St, 2 Dragshan St

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Paramidonna swimwear


Paramidonna swimwear


Paramidonna swimwear


Paramidonna swimwear

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