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Building design has been a part of architect YORDAN ULYANOV, founder of Ulyanov Architects Studio, since his childhood as both his father and grandfather were construction engineers. Slowly, he started to nurture the idea of creating a home with all the comforts of the city, but located among nature. He founded his own company in 2010, in which he implements in practice his vision that modern technological humanity can live in harmony with nature and that the house of future should be accessible to all.

Situated among nature, the house of future will be completely autonomous. It uses different means for energy production: sunlight, wind, geothermal and water systems for renewable energy.

Innovative solutions for purification of wastewater are used for creation of potable water and even of electricity, as a byproduct.

There are different systems for collection of rainwater and systems that return the energy of used hot water back in the house.

The house of future is designed to use minimal amount of energy. These are the so-called energy efficient, low energy, zero energy and even minus energy standards that focus on the house's final energy balance, showing the difference between the energy produced and used in it.

Low Energy House, Kulevcha, Shumen

Low Energy House, Kulevcha, Shumen


Energy efficiency means well thought-over balance between the different building components and needs the so-called passive measures for energy efficiency. This way the building will need much less energy and if it uses also renewable energy sources, it will become an energy negative building with minimal impact on the environment.

The most comprehensive standard for energy efficient buildings with low energy demand is the PASSIVE HOUSE standard. In it all building components are united in a single energy model that allows to follow up the impact of each element on the others and on the general energy efficiency.

How much does it cost? If we compare a well built house with a passive house, the passive one will be about 15% more expensive. But within 25-30 years, considering all expenses for maintenance and usage, passive houses are in practice cheaper and provide healthier living environment: fresh air, nice temperature, good lighting and access of sun light, moderate humidity, natural materials, good acoustics and low sound transmission.

Low Energy House, Kambanite, Sofia

Low Energy House, Kambanite, Sofia


The house of future is high technology. THE INTERNET OF THINGS is already a fact and unites and manages at our whim everything that we can imagine and even things beyond our imagination as AI is rapidly entering this field as well.

How Ulyanov Architects can create such a house?

When we know the characteristics and influence of each component in the building, we can create a new building that is an independent organism designed to adapt exactly to the environment in which it is situated. Attention, knowledge and understanding are needed as well to the house's inhabitants. Connection with the people is of particular importance. It allows us to design a home exactly for the specific person. And when he is also a person of the future, the result is a house of the future.

Architect Yordan UlyanovArchitect Yordan Ulyanov is a CERTIFIED PASSIVE HOUSE DESIGNER by Passive House Institute, Darmstadt, Germany

phone: (+359) 889 233 722

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Facebook: ulyanovarchitects

Low Energy House, Kambanite, Sofia

Low Energy House, Kambanite, Sofia


Low Energy House, Shumen

Low Energy House, Shumen


Passive House, Gorna Bania, Sofia

Passive House, Gorna Bania, Sofia


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