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Established in 1994, Sveta Sofia Private School is a proven leader in Bulgarian education.

Since 2017, when the Bulgarian Ministry of Education implemented a school ranking system based on the results of the national evaluation after 7th grade, the school has been first in Sofia for five years in a row and in Bulgaria for two years as well. The school's English language teaching system creates conditions allowing students to achieve С1 level mastership of the language as early as 6th grade.

Located at the foot of the Vitosha mountain, the school has a large yard with 5 fields, 4 gyms, its own kitchen and many more amenities providing safety and comfort to the children.

Katerina Kerkova, Director of Sveta Sofia, shares more.

You are famed for your students' success. What is the secret of these results?

Exceptional professionals work at the school. People who love children and know the road they have to take them on. Good organisation of all activities and the children's optimised time schedule provide opportunity to achieve our remarkable results. Last but not least is the parents' trust. They are people with whom we share core values and goals. We are grateful to all who support us.

Why is quality education important?

The in-dept study of the main subjects creates a very important basis needed in any stage of a person's development and realisation in later life. Your efforts teach you diligence, builds habits, skills and individual strategies for overcoming of difficulties, harden the will and create the notion that you can overcome any problem.

Sveta Sofia Private School

Today everyone talks about stress in school and the environment at a successful school such as Sveta Sofia is probably highly competitive. What are the relationships between students?

At school students undergo a specially developed programme for emotional intelligence and personal development. It asserts strategies for independent problem-solving and social skills. This training helps children's emotional development and builds abilities for team work.

During the process of playing and learning from one another, under the teacher's guidance, children acquire skills for conflict-solving, and understand and master both their own emotions and others' as well. Thus they improve their self-confidence. This motivates them to help themselves and the rest. All of these lead to stress-reduction and few conflict situations.

Sveta Sofia Private School

What is the role of STEM at Sveta Sofia?

We live in a world dominated by STEM. We do all possible to prepare the children for the future. After we created a cooperative Wi-Fi network at school, we started using digital resources and educational games from all over the world. At Sveta Sofia there are over 100 computers that children use on a daily basis. We exchange experience as a part of international programmes with scores of European countries. We visited several international education expos. We got introduced to methods of maths and sciences training in several European and Asian countries and integrated their experience in our school. We started teaching children to discover for themselves nature phenomena and mysteries and thus, through their personal experience, to enter the world of science.

Sveta Sofia Private School

Why is it important for children to develop in fields that seemingly have little practical application, such as sport and art?

At Sveta Sofia we pay special attention to sport and art. They not only strengthen the body and develop the sense for beautiful, but also build crucial qualities and competences.

Sport teaches discipline, teamwork and self-control, and develops leadership skills. Nothing is more mobilising than an upcoming competition. You need to give the best of yourself here and now. Every year we participate in dozens of competitions on regional, city and national level. For more than 10 years we have been the table tennis champion, and our handball, volleyball, chess and badminton teams have played hundreds of successful games. We are proud with the scores of cups won for our school, but I think that children have learnt their most important lessons when they have lost a game. To identify your mistakes, to overcome your disappointment and to continue playing is an invaluable experience that will help them in their adult life.

Sveta Sofia Private School

Art is also an important part of life at Sveta Sofia. Every year we organise a big school concert, usually in some of the halls of the National Palace of Culture, with songs, dances, gigs. We also have about 25 smaller plays for the different grades. We have a choir and a piano class with their own public performances. This teaches children how to behave and talk on stage. The lights are in your eyes, you parents are watching you and you have to be flawless and convincing in what you have to say. It is not easy to get in the shoes of a fictional character and to relay their feelings to the audience, but isn't this exactly what we do in our daily lives all the time? And the audience applauses are the greatest reward.

Sveta Sofia Private School

What is the most important thing you teach children at Sveta Sofia Private School?

We want children after graduating our school to continue love knowledge and to never stop learning, to know themselves and to understand the others. We aim to teach them values and skills that will help them in the ever-changing world we live in.


Sofia, 7 Moreni St

phone: +359 (2) 857 0119

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sveta Sofia Private School


Sveta Sofia Private School


Sveta Sofia Private School


Sveta Sofia Private School


Sveta Sofia Private School


Sveta Sofia Private School



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