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Love Bond collection Love Bond collection

The beautiful collections of Zlatarna Celje will fill with enthusiasm every lady who is aware that the diamonds' extravagance always impresses regardless of whether on a special event or during an ordinary day. The exquisite combination of classics with a hint of modern elegance cannot go unnoticed.

Love bond

Love bond is the focus of this prestigious gold collection, represented by a knot decorated with gentle diamonds with special polish in white gold, surrounding a large princess cut diamond. Love bonds symbolise love, friendship and affection. Exclusive collection.

Gold 585/000, diamonds


Birth of Brilliance

Brilliance by Zlatarna Celje

The name of the Birth of Brilliance collection glorifies the incredible moment when small diamonds give birth to a large one that shines in all of its charm. The collection is for ladies of all ages who adore luxury jewellery.

Gold 585/000, diamonds



Zlatarna CeljeThe limited collection Balance by Zlatarna Celje is in only 175 items: 14-karat pink gold and diamonds that on the one side are white and on the other are black. The Balance collection has a message about the importance of balance between soul and body. It is for ladies who are aware that they cannot always influence the events in their lives, but can still achieve internal balance. The collection can be worn in several ways: with white diamonds, black diamonds or in a combination of the two.

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