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Interior designer Daniela Kostova on connection with client and achieving the perfect bathroom and kitchen

No interior is finished when the bathroom and kitchen are still a work in progress or do not fit the inhabitants' requirements. Daniela Kostova is the person who will help you ro find a working, stylish solution for these two important spaces. She also teaches her extensive experience to students at Design Academy.

What is the most important thing that you teach in your lectures on interior design?

One of the things that I often repeat to my students is that aesthetic point of view is key for designing a residential or public interior. We can brand an interior design as good if it combines not only aesthetics, but also ergonomy and functionality. Our profession asks as well for the skills to set the client at ease, allowing them to reveal some aspects of their personality, so that every project is unique. An individual approach that is unique for every client and every home is the other important thing I aim to teach my students.

And the obligatory rule to include in their design plan a note which says in uppercase "All sizes are for finished floor."

Interior designer Daniela KostovaWhat are the current trends in interior design?

In our busy everyday life we need to return in a cosy, tranquil and own place, a place to "restart." This predisposes the current trends in interior design. Nostalgia for the past and desire for a closer connection with nature. The use of materials like wood and stone, light and neutral colours, styles such as Scandinavian, industrial, modern, vintage, retro design, etc. And the fashionable Fusion style where the creation of the whole composition is based on emotion only, combining objects and colours that are incompatible, but only at a first glance.

Interior designer Daniela Kostova

How can you help us to have a stylish and modern bathroom and kitchen?

When talking about bathroom and kitchen, it is good to note that these are one of the most complex and hence important spaces when designing a home. Clients come to us with a clear or not that clear idea about how their bathroom or kitchen should look like. In an honest conversation about practicality, functionality and feel we create together with the client a more concrete and finished vision for their bathroom and kitchen. Afterwards, with a realistic visualisation, the concept can be seen before work on site has started. We at Jessica can also help with realisation of every project and can offer high-quality products by proven manufacturers.


Sofia, 229 Botevgradsko Shose Blvd

phones: +359 888 985 526, 02/945 50 97

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Interior designer Daniela Kostova


Interior designer Daniela Kostova


Interior designer Daniela Kostova


Interior designer Daniela Kostova

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