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Denitsa Berberska and Nina Ilieva: Denitsa Berberska and Nina Ilieva:

Although officially founded as recently as 2017, Diferente Design Studio has long history that started about 20 years ago in the corridors of the Forestry University in Sofia. Nina Ilieva and Denitsa Berberska were fellow students and friends; today they are also successful business parters, two ladies who turned a dream of their youth into a reality.

Diferente Design Studio specialises in interior design for private and public spaces. The founders of Diferente Design Studio believe that individual approach towards each client is in the basis of mutually beneficial partnership and that the successful end result depends on the client's expectations, the interior designer's creativity and the professional, quality implementation.

What makes Diferente Design Studio a different design studio?

We believe that creating interior design is not just a profession, but a vocation. While working on a project we aim first to "feel" the client's individuality. To step in their shoes, to learn more about their character, expectations, tastes and habits. This creates a stable foundation for design of spaces that meet best what the client is looking for. We could define Diferente Design Studio as a boutique studio for creation of original spaces reflecting the spirit of their inhabitants and combining all advantages and functionalities offered by contemporary interior design.

Diferente Design Studio

Why do we need your services?

For the same reason you go to your dentist, hair-stylist and tailor. Design is not just filling a space with furniture, but a complex process that requires time, knowledge and experience. As in other fields of life, each of us is good in certain things, but rarely in many aspects simultaneously. This is why we, interior designers, are here; we are the specialists that through their skills and efforts create a unique atmosphere. And what is better than a beautiful, cosy home with optimally used spaces and functional internal arrangement?

Diferente Design Studio

How do you succeed in creating original interiors for all of your clients?

For us, the working process is not only "bare" design, but first and foremost interaction with the client. This is a process of listening and understanding, in which we create a connection with the client in order to feel the finest nuances of their expectations. Another important aspect of our work is imagination, instead of blind following of some trend. Interior design is the art to adapt beauty and functionality. Ideas for creating something special can be found all around us: in nature, urban environment, art, everywhere. Our role as interior designers is to get to know the client and, using our imagination and experience, to create atmosphere that fits best their requirements and reflects their character.


Sofia, Students Town, 11 Dimitar Stefanov St

Denitsa Berberska: +359 888 668 571, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nina Ilieva: +359 887 302 776, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Diferente Design Studio


Diferente Design Studio

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