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Marina Ivanova: Creating the perfect interior. For you Marina Ivanova: Creating the perfect interior. For you

Marina Ivanova combines energy, experience and taste to create impressive results

Marina Ivanova is one of the most interesting young faces in Bulgaria's interior design scene. She is already experienced enough in creating residential, public and retail interiors, and has developed a network of reliable contractors and product distributors. Marina Ivanova is fluent in the latest trends of interior design and has the talent to read the client's personality in order to create the perfect tailored solution. She offers interior design layout, functionality and space planning, production information, 3D project and project planning.

What challenges you have to overcome as a young professional in the field of interior design?

To a significant extent the work of the interior designer is to communicate with both clients and distributors and contractors. Lack of trust from them is the main challenge I have to deal with. People tend to jump quickly to conclusions even before we meet, thinking that I am too young and inexperienced for the job. However, the tide is changing and more clients realise the advantages of working with a young professional.

Marina Ivanova Interior Design

What a fresh point of view as yours can bring into an interior?

I was lucky to train under one of the Varna's best designers, an opportunity for me to borrow the best from already established work practices. As a young person I have energy, creativity and affinity towards innovation. I am happy to say that I offer my clients new ideas and modern approach combined with tried and tested practices. This makes each of my projects different and unique.

Marina Ivanova Interior Design

You have experience in a wide range of interiors. Do you have affinity to one of them – residential, retail, public?

I have never had affinity to a particular type of interior. Each new task is a new challenge and I am always happy to work on diverse projects. However, residential interior is the most demanding task for me. Home is an important space that should reflect the inhabitant's personality. That is why the client's ideas and desires are crucial for the creation of a perfect home. The public and retail interiors have their own specifics and charm, but ultimately interior design is my passion, no matter the type of the project.

Marina Ivanova Interior Design

Do you have a favourite style, colour, material?

I use all styles, colours and materials in accordance to fit my clients' tastes, but of course I have my personal favourites. Scandinavian design is one of my favourites because of its clearly defined character: it is warm, spacious, cosy and distinctive. I like the grey and blue colour palettes, with yellow for accent. I prefer natural materials that bring warmth and cosiness such as wood, linen, wool. Sometimes, however, it is good to combine them with stone or metal.

Marina Ivanova Interior Design

What is the first thing that you do when you start working on an interior?

For me, the first and most important thing for a successful project is to get to know my new client. It is important to understand their tastes and style, colour and material preferences. The individual approach to the client is very important and is for me the key to the successful realisation of a project.

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phone: 0887 785 260

Marina Ivanova Interior Design

Project design (above) and realisation


Marina Ivanova Interior Design





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