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This November, the Norway giant Crayon officially stepped in Bulgaria, opening a branch in the country.

Crayon Group Holding ASA is a leading company for digital transformation consultancy. Thanks to its unique IP solutions and world-level experts, Crayon helps in return of investments optimisation for high-technological IT projects. Crayon has over 17 years of experience in offering software services and cloud optimisation.

Crayon is a trusted partner of a number of leading organisations in the world, which makes its growth and development in Central and Eastern Europe a logical next step.

"Our mission is to help business organisations to navigate in the modern world of complex high-technology solutions and to use technologies to achieve return of investment," said Aleksandar Kutovski, Vice President of Crayon for Central and Eastern Europe.

Crayon opens office in Bulgaria

The company is based in Oslo, Norway, and has over 1,500 employees in 45 offices all over the world. It has the highest partnership status to suppliers such as Microsoft, IBM, AWS, Oracle, Google, Facebook.

Crayon started its journey to becoming a global company four years ago. In 2015, only 25% of its gross revenues was from international markets. In the past 12 months it was 41%.

Crayon's CEO Torgrim Takle says: "Our outstanding results on the international markets contributed for the significant increase of gross revenue and improvement of EBITA result that we recorded this trimester. This is even more impressive as this year we hired three times more people on the international markets than in the northern countries of Europe."

Crayon has new offices in Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and Australia. Torgrim Takle adds: "We achieved our success on the new markets because we know how to develop in local economies."

Crayon opens office in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian office will be managed by Oana Piperova, who is Crayon's General Manager for the Adriatic. At a local level the company will have a seasoned team of professionals with year-long experience in sales and consulting.

"Bulgaria has high potential for development of cloud technologies and business is increasingly relying on them, aiming to optimise its activity, to improve its effectiveness and to stay competitive. The new industrial trends such as digital transformation, Internet of Things and AI give us immense opportunities for implementation and use of the most modern technologies," says Mrs Piperova. "An increasing number of companies will need our expertise and services to achieve return of their IT investments."

Crayon opens office in Bulgaria


Crayon opens office in Bulgaria

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