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Silviya Pantaleeva, Development Manager – Front-end and key employee in SafeCharge Silviya Pantaleeva, Development Manager – Front-end and key employee in SafeCharge

Silviya Pantaleeva explains why the company is your best friend when ecommerce is concerned

From the small family business to the international corporation, no modern company can afford to underestimate the importance of ecommerce, a trend that is only getting stronger and bigger globally. However, with the ever-rising customer expectations about efficiency and safety, and national and supranational regulations for security of payment and personal data protection, this is a task that most companies cannot deal with on their own.

Enters SafeCharge, a developer of smart payment processing adapted to the needs of client companies. SafeCharge, a Nuvei company, is the payment service partner for the world's most demanding businesses. SafeCharge provides global omni-channel payment solutions from card acquiring to payment processing and checkout, all underpinned by advanced risk management solutions. This fully-featured proprietary payment platform connects directly to all major payment card schemes including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and UnionPay, as well as over 150 local payment methods. SafeCharge brings best in class payment technology, innovation and global reach for merchants and partners of any size, across any geographical location around the world.

In short, the company has dedicated itself to helping client companies do what they do best – develop their businesses easily without wasting precious time and resources for managing their ecommerce activities.

SafeCharge is one of the companies that chose Bulgaria for one of their offices. Silviya Pantaleeva is part of SafeCharge Research & Development department since 2013. She started her career in the company as PHP Developer and took position as System Analyst for 2 years after that. Today Silviya is Development Manager – Front-end and key employee in SafeCharge technology team.

What types of clients use SafeCharge?

SafeCharge is a leading, global payment solutions provider that makes it easy for all types of businesses to accept the widest range of payments available, anywhere in the world, through a single platform. Companies that rely on our services include large-scale ecommerce clients, retail, travel, gaming, digital goods and more. In August 2019, Canadian-based Nuvei acquired SafeCharge to create a truly global payments provider, able to deliver fully-supported solutions to merchant clients and partner distribution networks regardless of size, vertical or geography. The combined organization currently processes over US $34 billion in annual transaction volume from clients around the world.


What kind of technologies do you use to develop your products?

In our Bulgarian development centre, we use JAVA, PHP and JavaScript, while the Tel Aviv development centre mainly utilizes .NET technology.

SafeCharge is committed to keeping up with the latest in tech trends and is currently and successfully employing AI and ML technologies to process Big Data.

What are SafeCharge's solutions for data analysis?

SafeCharge relies on advanced risk and anti-fraud management, as well as an optimized payments process thanks to our Smart Routing mechanism.

For eKYC, we have developed Identity Manager, offering frictionless customer authentication with document verification capabilities. Connected to a global network of vendors this product has been proven to reduce manual operations, improve efficiency and lower operational costs.

We also offer SafeCharge Smart 3D Secure Routing, which relies on AI and ML logic to define the right risk profile for each transaction, delivering an optimized, uncomplicated payment process that ensures a high rate of successful transactions.


What kind of technical experience do your clients need in order to integrate?

Integration is simple and hassle free, we offer REST API; the SDK most used for integrations with JAVA, Node.js, PHP, Ruby and Android OS. Our Hosted Payment Page integrates easily with just several lines of code and requires minimal technical knowledge. For eCommerce platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart we offer easy-to-install plug-ins, often technical skills are not required.

How do you guarantee secure transactions?

Securing transaction details as well as personal data is always our chief objective and we continually improve the processes involved. As a financial services company, SafeCharge is subject to detailed security controls and regulations such as PCI DSS.


What are some of the responsibilities of the SafeCharge Bulgarian office?

The Bulgarian entity is deeply involved with creating various innovative products and services. The main products developed here are our Hosted Payment Page, designed to improve eCommerce conversion rates while reducing friction at critical stage of purchase.

Another particularly important product is the REST API, which is being improved, refined and upgraded for the ever-evolving business needs.

In Bulgaria, we also develop plug-ins for eCommerce platforms, as well as our revolutionary back office, "Control Panel," providing merchants with a single hub to manage and control all their payment's activities.

In addition to our technical department, in Bulgaria we have risk management, sales and customer support departments.


How do you feel as a part of an international team? How does this motivate you?

Teamwork is always a challenge, especially working with various time zones and methodologies, but the benefits highly outweigh the challenges. Through our communication, we share experiences, perspectives and ideas from people with diverse technical and business backgrounds skills, we learn a lot from one another and apply the knowledge to grow and improve.

As a long-time employee of SafeCharge, what makes the company an attractive place for you and your colleagues?

In addition to the great work environment, competitive salary, social packages and benefits that SafeCharge offers, I also appreciate the opportunity for development, the prospect for learning new and innovative technologies, the variety of current and upcoming projects. SafeCharge also supports our desire to further develop ourselves by providing additional courses, training and attendance at seminars and conferences.


Sofia, 115L Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd

phone: 02 489 5090


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