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Ivan Doudin, Regional Director for Balkans, Turkey and Central Asia Ivan Doudin, Regional Director for Balkans, Turkey and Central Asia

Ivan Doudin, Regional Director for Balkans, Turkey and Central Asia on the advantages and future of modern cloud services

Аcronis, a Swiss-Singaporean company, is a global leader in development of solutions for backup, data protection, secure data encryption, sharing and access. It has branches in 18 countries in the world, and one of its most important offices is in Sofia. Ivan Doudin, Regional Director of Acronis for Balkans, Turkey and Central Asia, tells more.

What is the main activity of the Bulgarian office of Аcronis?

Аcronis Bulgaria is not just one of the company's large offices, but is also a centre for R&D, client technical support and a regional sales office. Here new products and versions are researched and developed, and existing versions are maintained.

The Bulgarian office of Аcronis developed very dynamically. What is behind this success?

The special attention and focus of the management, the excellent people management and the right business processes correctly identified from the very beginning. Implementing all three components was a prerequisite for our success and our ability to meet our ambitious goals.

What is the growth on the cloud services market in the recent years?

In our company we have registered a three-digit growth in cloud services in comparison to the previous year. Cloud services are still not the largest part of our business, but their growth indicates that this is going to change soon. Their advantages for the business are significant and the good news is that an increasing number of people realises this.

What innovations entered cloud services in the recent years and what are their advantages for the consumers?

There are several important factors defining cloud solutions in the recent years. First, they became affordable. Today every small or mid-size business can afford the cloud's advantages while in the past only corporations were able to do it. Second, the cloud provides significant freedom and security for the business, freeing it from the need of making serious initial investments, allowing flexibility and easy scaling. Last but not least, the latest developments made the cloud a more reliable and secure space for operating and storing data.

Many companies entered Bulgaria, but few have R&D activity here. The challenge is big, why did you take it?

For us R&D activity is the most important factor for the future of an innovative software company. Research and development are vital and have to be part of the business strategic planning. The ability of the R&D activity to work in a productive, focused and effective way reflects on the overall success of the organisation. That is why Аcronis pays HUGE attention and resources for development of new products. Bulgaria is a good location in Europe with potential for development with relatively low expenses. Of course, there are some operative problems and the laws and regulations are more conservative that in most other European countries, but problems are to be solved.

What is typical for Аcronis's approach in product development?

The three aspects of great importance for the development of any software product are: INNOVATION, QUALITY and TECHNOLOGY. You need a clear idea (preferably a genius one) for a new product targeted to future needs or problems. The idea then should become a concept that can be clearly presented to the market, addressing a market niche. The ready product, for its part, defines the company's vision. Its architecture should reflect the means for gaining a share of the market, and its quality - the clients' satisfaction and the product's longevity. This, put simply, is the key to success.


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