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Ani Krusteva, Manager Human Resources at Genius Sports Bulgaria Ani Krusteva, Manager Human Resources at Genius Sports Bulgaria

Ani Krusteva, Manager Human Resources at the Bulgarian office of the company, on how big data can improve the experience

Analysing big data to unlock hidden facts and to help decision-making is one of the greatest achievements of contemporary high technologies. Genius Sports is one of the companies who know how to unleash this immense potential to help sport federations, the fans and the media, and the people who bet, to have a clearer grasp on what is going on during games, in teams and with different athletes.

Ani Krusteva, Manager Human Resources at the Bulgarian office of Genius Sports, shares more.

What is the use of the data that Genius Sports collects and analyses?

All sports want to deal with the same problems: they want better distribution and stronger connection with the fans. We can help solving this in two ways: with a technology allowing federations to deal more easily with organisation itself, like games schedules, registration of all players, etc, as well as with real-time statistics of all games. We collect information during every second of every event organised by a federation with which we have a contract. Sometimes we work to make a federation closer to fans – we manage websites and mobile apps, making them as user friendly as possible. We also work with sport media and the regulated international market for sporting bets.

When did Genius Sports arrive to Bulgaria?

We established an InPlay Sports Data here in 2015 and ever since our experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The company's size, both globally and locally, tripled in size very quickly. Genius Sports relies only on itself when collecting of data in real-time is concerned. We acquired a company that had proven itself as self-sufficient and was also a technological leader.

Genius Sports

What does the Bulgarian office of Genius Sports do?

Here we work in two major fields: technology and product development, and data-collecting operations. We realised that in Bulgaria we are able to reach a large number of excellent specialists. Yes, the competition is very strong, particularly for employees in the technological sector. But people in Bulgaria are of the highest quality and allow us to grow in the way we want to.

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