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Both sellers and buyers often struggle to deal with Bulgaria's property market habits, but a recent invention and a bold company are here to change the game. Broker 360º is a Real Estate Agency that uses extensively VR and 360º-visualisation technology to find the best buyer for all of its properties. Open their website, select an offer and you will get something unseen on the Bulgarian RE market: exact location, panoramas of the surroundings and detailed, 3D walk of the entire property.

Broker 360º is established and developed by a team managed by Georgi Palpurin. He became interested in VR and 360º-visualisation ten years ago, when he established his technology based real estate company.

In 2015 he broadened his interests into a more social and public domain through support of the Interactive Bulgaria Foundation and in particular with the ShareBulgaria project – a concept that successfully promotes Bulgaria on the global stage. Part of its activity is 3D-photographing of important historical and archaeological sites in Bulgaria and training of young activists to enlarge this growing database of images and videos.

The team behind the broker 360 model applies a set of market principles that are disruptive in a certain way – cutting edge technology, expertise and an internally adopted Broker360 Standard, based on the European Standard EN15733 (Services of Real Estate Agents – Requirements for the provision of services of real estate agents). Thus, the company guarantees reliable partnership to all clients and is more than dedicated to serve in their best interests.

Georgi PalpurinWhy the Bulgarian property market needs the services of a company such as Broker 360º?

The power of 360-technology is that it visualises reality in a format that is as close to the real world as possible. Thus clients can have a better, fuller idea of what is most important in property – location, planning, condition.

The Bulgarian property market at the moment suffers significant problems. Brokers often work with both parties of the deal, often conflicting their interests. The lack of exclusivity also means that sellers offer their property via several different real estate agents. They do this hoping for the best results, but the outcome is completely different. Agents are aware that they compete with their colleagues for who will sell the property first, so they are eager to decrease the asking price. Thus, the seller looses money.

However, as brokers compete for the deal, they are reluctant to reveal the property's exact location to prospective buyers. Adding to this the different prices, descriptions and photos a property has in different agencies websites, the buyer is often taken to see the same property twice – by different agencies.

Visiting properties is a significant waste of time for the buyer, and for the broker for that matter.

How is Broker 360 different?

We put our ethical standards and our clients' best interests first, and this shows in the quality of our services.

We offer exclusive contracts to sellers, which means that we are fully dedicated to their best interests. Thus, we do not push sellers to decrease their asking price to sell the property. On the contrary. When we bring to the property three prospective buyers, sellers realise there is interest and a potential to increase the asking price.

As an exclusive broker, Broker 360 can afford to reveal the true location and actual status of a property to potential buyers. Moreover, 3D technology allows buyers to have a clear idea of where the property is, what its surroundings are, the real size of the rooms, the layout.

Broker 360

3D is excellent not only for already built properties, but also for ones that are sold off-plan. Actually, it helps there the most, as most people have difficulties to visualise a space they see only on a plan. The technology allows us to create a photorealistic experience so that you can feel the space.

We also guarantee our clients developed marketing solutions, like in-depth survey of the market and active web promotion in social networks and specialised web portals.

Who are the brokers of Broker 360?

Specialisation defines our team, but all of our members are competent in all of the different stages of the process. We have experienced brokers and partners, who know how the market works, understand the potential of 360º-technology and are able to evaluate properties and to take the deal through all stages bringing the needed result in a professional manner and style.


Sofia, 57Е Aleksandar Dondukov Blvd

phone: 359 88 953 1410

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