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Iliyan Boychev Iliyan Boychev

"Ugh, yet another training!" "When will it end?" "Can I leave earlier?" Everyone who has ever led a training has heard such questions. These (gently speaking) cause irritation and even moments of anger. Usually the people who ask them are not liked by the people who have to answer them. Some trainers even think of those people as "saboteurs" of the training or the project.

However, we, at IBTrainings, see the participants in each of our projects as actors. They are almost always present: the talkative one, the funny one, the silent one, the shy one, the ambitious one, the negative one, the renouncer, the nonchalant one, the vacant one, the saboteur. Our concept is to turn the defect into an effect. And it is these people, who initially resist, who help us the most as we see them as a barometer for the training's quality. They are a challenge, but when we start to change them, we see that we are on the right track.

The most important thing in the corporate world is achieving objective results, which can be measured, and of subjective ones, which are mostly based on opinion and perception (behaviours, competences and attitude during work). We at IBTrainings are strongly focused on achieving these, but our strategy is to first build the proper relations. To work on a corporate project or to train a person without having established relations first is a lost cause.

Our team is creative, ambitious and young, but we have worked and achieved sustainable results with the leading companies in the field of pension insurance, food industry, the FMCG sector, the luxury segment, the fin-tech sector, agriculture. We also have solid experience with manufacturing companies. Our work approach is completely adapted to the specifics of the particular business and regional peculiarities. Detailed diagnosis is our first step as we do not believe in standard approach.

Ivan Enchev

Ivan Enchev


We have developed and continue to develop projects connected to improvement of sales results; formation of client-oriented behaviour; trainings of trainers; establishment of methodology for problem solving in companies in the field of manufacture and services; establishment of standards for managerial and leadership behaviour and work for achieving these standards.

Our tactic is to combine the useful and the enjoyable, because we believe that this has double effect. The methods through which we achieve sustainable results are trainings with exceptionally practical purpose; work meetings; business coaching sessions in which together with the participant we observe and analyse their behaviour, provide feedback and follow how the knowledge and skills acquired during the trainings and work meetings are applied. On business coaching sessions we also prepare personal psychological portraits of the participants with included evaluation of their competences, motivators, demotivators, phases of development within the organisation, behaviour deficits, levels of career maturity. We also have expertise and experience in measurement and analysis of client and employee satisfaction.

Iliyan Boychev

Iliyan Boychev, phone: 0896 826 881, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Two people make the team's core. Iliyan Boychev is founder and Executive Director of IBTrainings with rich experience in the field of sales and trainings, international expertise and an MBA from Cotrugli Business School, Croatia. Ivan Enchev is a Partner and Manager Consultancies and Trainings with managerial experience in Asia, Africa and Europe, and an МВА from Cotrugli Business School.


Ivan Enchev

Ivan Enchev, phone: 0887 700 308, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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