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Ayano Melnik wine Ayano Melnik wine

You all remember the rainy start of 2018 and the periods of dryness that followed in some regions in Bulgaria. Well, some of our vineyards are located exactly in such a region - the Sandanski region. Of course, it's no secret that the Broadleaved Melnik vine (Shiroka Melnishka loza) is endemic there and grows very well in such conditions. But what to tell about the "strangers," the not local grape varieties that are grown there?

For us the harvest started with a red grape varietal which is not typical unless you want to produce a Blanc de Noir. In the middle of August with lots of joy and enthusiasm we harvested our young Merlot for the very first time and also, a little later in the same month, his older brother - the old Merlot. Now we take good care of them in the cellar until they reach perfection for your enjoyment.

The surprises with our new vineyards and their first year of ripening (namely 2018) continue.

Our Colorito elegant white blend of Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne from the Harsovo terroir, Melnik, already won its first prize - a Silver medal from BIWC 2019.

Colorito Viognier, Marsanne and Roussanne

And the Syrah… what to say about the Syrah… Well, very soon you'll have the chance to taste and enjoy it for yourself.

Of course, we are not yet done with the surprises. In our Ayano brand we will show you the beauty of our young vineyards planted with the Bulgarian grape variety Melnik 55. It's a production of only 330 bottles and is an excellent way to see a different side of a wine style - a true explosion of fruity aromas.

Colorito white blend 2018

It would be difficult to hide the fact that our vineyards are positioned at the 2 very opposite corners of our country and in Kavarna at the seaside we have a small plot planted with a very rare and unusual grape variety for Bulgaria - Petit Manseng.

And if we succeeded with convincing you to pay special attention to every glass of wine that you have, now surely this attention will transform into affection. Our dessert wine from Petit Manseng truly deserves it! Do not imagine concentrated sweet wines from which a single glass satisfies all your thirst for sweetness - Disegno Petit Manseng is first and foremost fresh, fruity and with a very balanced acidity showing the typical for the varietal spicy notes.

Petit Manseng

The creation of this kind of wines undoubtedly requires hard work in the vineyards. Our dedicated agronomists - Vesselina at the seaside and Miroslav in Harsovo - strictly follow the moon cycle because biodynamics is a serious science. For those of you who are still unaware, although not certified, we are one of the few producers that grow their vineyards biodynamically. For us pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilisers are forbidden, and every bird is welcome to make its nest between the vine branches. Undoubtedly the usage of manure, the special mixture of seeds we use for the grass between the rows, and the herbal infusions we spray, contribute for the impressive results we are able to achieve. The immune system of the vines gets stronger and like every single healthy organism they can fight the bad weather - even the variable weather conditions in 2018.

The choice is ultimately yours - you decide which one of our wines to start with this season. And we are already at the starting position for harvest 2019 - eager to create some more new treasures for your collection.

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