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Gergana Pavlova Gergana Pavlova

Sb Accounting & Consulting is a leading company in Bulgaria with more than 30-year experience in the field of outsourced business services.

The company offers complete solutions for accounting, payroll computation, human resources administration, legal activities and services for adaptation in accordance with the legal requirements and the good practices.

Gergana Pavlova and Lachezar Georgiev are managing partners in the company with rich professional experience and proactive approach to their clients.

How does Sb Accounting & Consulting help business optimisation?

L.G.: With internationally recognised expertise and individual approach – the engine of our company, World Expertise Personal Care. Our years of experience and analysis show that transparency and individual approach are the right way in cooperation with the client. However, flexibility and ability to adapt quickly are required in outsourced services. When we talk about business to a client, we aim to apply the so-called Golden Rules, which include access to expertise and shared responsibility, cost optimisation in outsourcing of a certain service and the opportunity for the client to concentrate on activities directly connected to their business.

You have incredibly high percentage of loyal clients, something which is a rarity in the industry. How do you achieve this?

Lachezar GeorgievG.P.: One word: trust. A long and complicated process subordinated to established standards and expert research of the business environment. Thanks to this we reached to certain conclusions and created a brand new innovative approach towards our clients. The model is called Sb 360, an interaction between personal approach, contemporary technologies and constant improvement. Thus we reassert the impression for trusted and reliable partners transcending the expectations of clients, partners and colleagues.

How does the company help its clients?

L.G.: With precise analysis, approach towards their individual needs and technologies in accordance to the international trends. When we start working with a client we always aim to offer the most suitable solutions for their business. To achieve this, we focus all the energy of our specialists, using their expertise and ethics in building lasting and transparent relations. Teamwork, accuracy and being proactive are crucial in the field of accounting and human resources.



Sofia, 30-32 General Totleben Blvd, floor 2

phone: + 359 2 439 41 40

mobile: +359 888 886 550

National Toll Number: 0700 31 016

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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