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Every type of human behaviour is motivated from the aim for happiness. We are motivated to turn IBS into the school that creates happy people.

For centuries philosophers, biologists, religious leaders and psychologists have searched for the source of human happiness. We found it in the community, empathy, realised aims and fulfilled dreams. For us the ultimate goal is not excellence but the creative process, as in it true leaders are born: thinking, successful, inspiring.

Standing firm on the ideas and traditions of Danish educational system, we made IBS an institution that focuses on the students and is organised around their needs. We understand the fact that there is a real possibility for present scientific and professional disciplines to disappear or transform in the future. The traditional idea for a single career path through the entire life now appears unwise and unacceptable to contemporary young people. Work is increasingly project-oriented, asking for diverse skills. The business is looking for talents, not university graduates with excellent grades. That is why we "broke the mould" and created dynamic educational modules that connect education with business practice through main and additional courses, seminars, practical projects and conferences putting the accent on development of key competences and combining harmonically academical knowledge with practice in real-life environment.

International Business School Bulgaria

A significant part of the programmes that we offer are distant learning and provide pragmatic, one-of-a-kind educational opportunity for working professionals. The regular and external programmes are organised in small groups allowing individual work with every student and team work for generating innovative projects and ideas.

The skill to be included in multicultural environment is one of the ways to achieve personal and professional satisfaction. That is why one of our main goals today is to provide our students with the opportunity to feel at home everywhere. The most sought after business programmes offer profiled and in-dept English language learning. We constantly widen our network of partnering European universities, and the implemented European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System allows the students to continue their education and specialisation in some of the most prestigious international educational institutions.

For its more than quarter of a century of history, IBS went through transformations so that today we can say that we created not just educational product, but a new level of quality environment for young people, which unites academia, social and cultural life, and active recreation.

International Business School Bulgaria

© Ognyan Stoynev


Located in the heart of Sofia, a 5-minute walk from South Park, 2-minute walk from a mall and a minute from a metro station, the IBS is increasingly establishing itself as a cultural centre and stage for people from diverse fields of art and science.

Knowledge is the wealth no-one is able to take away from us. Creativity, communication and freedom of spirit are the elements that build the road to happiness. And there, at the end of the road, is the future that starts today.

Find more information about education in IBS and the initiatives we support on or in our Facebook page InternationalBusinessSchoolBG.


Center for Distant Learning:

Sofia, 7 Vincent van Gogh St

phone: +359 (0)2 400 16 30

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: InternationalBusinessSchoolBG


International Business School Bulgaria

© Ognyan Stoynev

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