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Dr Desislava Despotova Dr Desislava Despotova

Most clients think that laser epilation is an expensive method that is only slightly better than waxing. The truth is that laser epilation provides a much better result – years after treatment hairs might still be lacking and we could enjoy smooth skin.

A standard rule for effective laser epilation is that the number of hairs in the treated zone should decrease with over 85% for at least 6 months. Some procedures and lasers achieve the effect in only 4-6 procedures.

Hairs grow cyclically, the different stages of their development are called anagen, catagen and telogen. The hair grows during the anagen stage. In the catagen phase it reaches its optimal length and in the telogen one its growth stops and the hair falls. Laser epilation has to be repeated as it treats hairs that are only in the anagen stage.

Laser epilation uses a light beam which is generated with a certain wave length. It is selectively absorbed by the melanin in the hair and is transformed into heat that destroys the hair follicle.

A good apparatus for laser epilation must meet 2 important requirements. First, it has to provide safe procedure, creating temperature high enough to destroy the hair follicle without burning the skin (60°С). The second requirement is effectiveness, which is defined by the power of the apparatus – the more powerful and safe it is, the more effective the procedure is.

One of the most frequently asked questions by our clients is how many procedures are needed. With the equipment of Studio Beauty Point, 6 procedures are more than enough. For the armpit and the intimate area 7-8 eight procedures are needed, but for legs 3 procedures are enough.

Beauty Point

The apparatus used in Beauty Point has a programme for epilation during summer, but the general rule should be followed: procedures are performed 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after sunbathing. The more the skin is closer to its natural colour, the more effective the procedure will be.

Laser epilation is safe for the internal organs and can be applied for almost all body parts with coarse hairs. The procedure cannot be applied over a tattoo.

The interval between the sessions varies. It is 4 weeks for the face, 6-8 weeks for the armpits, the hands, the intimate zone and the torso, and 8-12 weeks for the legs. But this is very individual, as there are people whose hairs grow more slowly.

The procedure has lasting results. When the epilation is effective, there is no need for maintenance procedures. If single hairs have regrown, an additional procedure can be done.

After laser epilation, the following products are recommenced: UV Protect SPF 50+ (PH Formula) and Post recovery cream (PH Formula).


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