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Russian School is an international school where Russian and Bulgarian educational traditions combine in a friendly atmosphere under the care of teachers who are native Russian, Bulgarian and English speakers. The school's founder and chairwoman is experienced pedagogue Lyubov Berova.

Russian School accepts children aged 3-7 years in preschool and aged 7-11 years in primary school. The groups are small and provide opportunity for individual approach and attitude to each child.


School life

All additional classes and music, art and PE classes are in Russian. Children in Russian School practice sports on their choice, go on organised trips the year round and attend cultural events. The school provides healthy environment with a psychologist and medical care, and provides food.

Russian School

Quality of education

Russian School is an official centre for Russian language state exams. The quality of education is controlled by experts from the St Petersburg State Pedagogical University. The school participates in Russian World's project for virtual teaching of Russian language and is a part of a number of international associations and initiatives for popularisation of Russian language and culture.


Sofia, 34 Shipka St, Russian Culture and Information Centre

phone: +359 882 552 685

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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