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Lilyana Panayotova Lilyana Panayotova

Lilyana Panayotova, consultant and co-founder, on how to build trust and expertise

Green Path appeared on the consultancy services market in 2015 and is already an established name with experience in various projects and with many clients.

Lilyana Panayotova, consultant and co-founder, shares more on what makes Green Path a reliable partner to companies that strive for better, more efficient business.

What is the most important thing we have to know when outsourcing our HR management?

Every company should choose in accordance with its own priorities, but there are several crucial topics that are common for all.

The good companies have experienced experts who are able to understand your business, needs, values, corporate culture, goals and challenges. They know the good practices, how to implement them and what results to expect.

During the initial meetings pay attention is there "chemistry" between you and the consultant, and is the communication effective. Check for recommendations from former and present clients and the company's online presence and reputation.

The systems used for processing data are also important, and so is the company's flexibility to offer additional services and to keep you informed about important law changes.

How do you guarantee the quality of your services?

I have previous experience in a company with similar business activity. This helped me to impose the right task distribution in Green Path since the very beginning. Every employee is at the right place to contribute in the work. Each of us maintains contacts with each of our clients and is aware of their specificities. As a result, the work is distributed effectively and we can help clients even if some of us is not present in the office.

We also pay attention to knowledge distribution within the team. We create a guidebook for every client, with task check list and a calendar with all the tasks for the particular period. Thus we are prepared in advance and can plan accordingly.

Our employees participate regularly in trainings, conferences and other events that enrich their knowledge.

Our work standards are one of Green Path's core values. During our monthly meetings we discuss our work and how we have dealt with different situations. We analyse our approach and we look for more effective and efficient solutions that would be of help in the future.

Confidentiality is also crucial for us. We organise regular trainings for our staff and have an outhouse consultant who helps us.

Share with us a challenging project you dealt with successfully.

Recently, we won a client after a series of challenges. We had to accept work from a previous provider who uses different software, to review the company's main processes and to outline corrective measures where they were needed. We had meetings with all departments in the client company. We had to collect enough data to be sure that we organise our work correctly. We outlined a plan for all of the initial activities so that we have the right foundations for our work. We started to build trust with the client so that they recognise the good professionals in us.


Sofia, 23 Sitnyakovo Blvd, floor 6, office 600

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  • Comment Link Pepa Docheva Tuesday, 13 August 2019 13:36 posted by Pepa Docheva

    A great service provider with a great professional team!

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