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Dr Francesco Frattini Dr Francesco Frattini

Dr Francesco Frattini on how a foreign business can develop and grow here

Moving a company or opening a new firm abroad is a serious step, especially when you don't have business and law experience in the new location. For more than 12 years, Alias Group is helping Italian companies to arrive, settle and prosper on the Bulgarian market.

Alias Group is a structure of 30 consultants in all fields of business who are fluent in Italian. So far, they have assisted starting more than 200 Italian companies in fields as diverse as heavy industry, insurance, alternative sources of energy, agriculture, real estate, finance and others to thrive.

Alias Group is of help when founding a company, in all kinds of accounting activities and issues, when law and finance consultation are needed, a product needs marketing, staff selection, translation to and from Italian, Bulgarian, English, French and many others.

Dr Francesco Frattini , CEO, shares more on what makes Alias Group an indispensable partner to Italian companies in Bulgaria. He is also Chairman of the Board of Auditors in Confindustria Bulgaria, an expert of institutional liaisons in the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, and Vice President of Compagnia delle Opere Bulgaria.

What kind of help the Italians companies arriving in Bulgaria need usually and how do you help them? Do you help only in the initial stages of the company's existence in Bulgaria or can you be of help also later, when the business is established?

Most of the new clients need our help throughout the whole initial phase, from the company foundation to its introduction in operative work. Often, entrepreneurs who are acquainted neither with the commercial system nor with the Bulgarian legal system are accompanied on every step of the process by our associates. During each phase they explain to our clients what actions have to be undertaken, what documents are needed in the different institutions and the time the procedures will take.

Alias Group takes care of all the aspects of the new company not only in the initial phase, but also in its future development and management. We offer accounting services and all types of accounting documents, the opportunity to have one or more trustees, a competent and expert referee in the relevant field who is ready to answer all questions concerning our clients' business and the management issues connected to it.

Besides company foundation, we also offer address registration, opening of current accounts, wage processing, tax returns, acquisition and transfer of businesses, and many more.

Alias Group

What type of companies are your clients?

Our clients are mainly small and mid-size companies but we also have large clients with over 50 employees. The type of the companies we consult cover different fields of economy, from transportation to import/export, manufacture, IT, industry, production and textile. These are just but a few of the business fields in which we are engaged with.

What are your most popular services?

The above mentioned are the most popular services that we offer. If needed, we can help a company hire staff and rent an office, from the name of the client. We can also help for renting a warehouse, of search of equipment and contractors on the Bulgarian market. We can also cooperate in issues such as change of residence and registration of foreigners for permanent residence in Bulgaria. We have also marketing services and development of corporate websites.

What is the experience of your company and what professionals work in it?

All of our associates are professionals in their field. Among them are expert accountants, administrative experts, business consultants, lawyers and law consultants. All of them have rich expertise in the relevant fields and long years of experience.

What makes Bulgaria attractive for Italian investors?

Bulgaria offers the optimal investment environment thanks to different factors like 10% flat tax on corporate profits for individuals and companies. The average labor cost is among the lowest in Europe and the average electricity price is 40% lower in comparison to Italy. The everyday expenses are much lower than in Italy, which allows the purchase of goods, land, homes at lower prices. These are some of the aspects that Italian investors find the most attractive in Bulgaria.

Sofia, 14 Georgi Benkovski St

+359 2 983 20 71

+359 2 983 35 96

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