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Diego Angelo Guerini, founder of DAG Style, on the importance of the quality menu folder

We go to favorite or to exciting new restaurants primarily for the food, but our first impressions are formed by factors that are not edible. It is the general ambiance of the place, the decor and... the presentation of the menu. Opening up an elegant cover of fine, soft leather promises pleasures yet to come, an invitation to enjoy life to the full.

DAG Style knows all of this, and much more. The Italian company has its roots in a history of design and innovation. The company, manufacturer of menu covers and table accessories, has connected the fashion and food industries since 1989. What makes it different? For a start, it has been awarded with several prizes for environmental awareness and design. Furthermore, its products are of "Made in Italy" brand quality, which is recognized and admired all over the world.

Below, Diego Angelo Guerini, founder and chief designer of DAG Style, shares his thoughts and experience with us about why these menu covers are truly special.

Why is the menu folder important for any restaurant or establishment?

If the food list is the most important tool to guide the customer through the culinary specialties, the menu cover has the important function of framing it and of presenting the restaurant, enhancing its character and quality. Giving the menu folder to the customer is the first real contact with them. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the emotional impact it inspires in the client, of the importance of blending style, functionality and hospitality.

Diego Angelo GueriniDAG Style menu folders are made in Italy. What in the production process makes them truly special? How do you guarantee their quality?

The DAG Style menu covers and table sets are inspired by the latest trends and are a flagship of style, design and creativity. They embody all the strengths of the Made in Italy brand, which is appreciated throughout the world. DAG Style designs and produces its products based on the real needs of restaurants owners; a constant and direct relationship with selected restaurants is our source of inspiration and the test for innovative ideas. The right balance obtained by the use of eco-friendly materials and respecting the needs of the HO.RE.CA sector has led to the development of products which have already won a number of international awards. DAG Style has registered its brands and has patented the design of all of its items to protect them against counterfeiting.

Luxury menus are associated with genuine leather. How do you combine the feel of luxury and the care for nature and environment?

Awareness of environmental issues has revolutionized the modern concept of luxury. Today the value, therefore "luxury," attributed to a material no longer depends so much on its exclusivity, but on the ethical and social values that accompany it. Bonded leather, cellulose fiber, natural cork are just some of the materials that DAG Style uses for its collections, confirming that natural and ecological materials can enhance fashion, style and design.

What are the current trends in luxury menu  folders?

The current trend in creation of menu covers for the European market and beyond is for items with clean lines, minimalistic design and discretion in customization. It proves that good communication does not have to be "too much," but instead has to touch on deeper aspects of a restaurant's philosophy.

DAG menus undergo months of testing before being offered on the market. Can you tell us what these tests include?

The DAG Style menu covers have to be resistant, durable and washable in typical catering use. To identify the best materials for DAG products, "automated" tests are carried out for resistance to bending and the covers hygiene. To test the color resistance and the fading, the menu folders are used in real-life in selected restaurants. There we check their qualities for up to 24 months.

DAG style

What is the average life of a DAG menu folder?

It depends on the model, the material used and the wear to which the menu is subjected. Typically, the resistance is greater than the actual need of a restaurant, so DAG Style menu covers are replaced not when they wear out, but when the fashion trends change.

In how many restaurants in Bulgaria, Europe and the world can we see your products?

It is hard to estimate how many restaurants use our menus as we work mainly through dealers that sell to the restaurants worldwide. In Italy alone we cooperate with more than 600 dealers working in the sector which has more than 350,000 restaurants. Thanks to our partner for Bulgaria and Romania, Menu Moda, for the last year more than 200 restaurants in Bulgaria have acquired and are enjoying our products. All in all DAG Style is successfully presented in 54 different countries, on 4 continents, thanks to the Made in Italy quality of its products and to the deep knowledge of the catering and restaurant world.


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