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Dr Branimir Kirilov Dr Branimir Kirilov

Dr Branimir Kirilov on the principles that make his dental clinic a trademark for quality

Medical Dent is deservedly among the most popular dental clinics in Sofia. Founded and managed by Dr Branimir Kirilov, the clinic offers state-of-art treatment combining latest technologies, the best materials on the market and experienced and dedicated professionals.

Dr Branimir Kirilov specialises in implantology and oral surgery. He has lectured in Medical University-Sofia, has specialised in the US and Europe and has authored a number of scientific articles on implantology and aesthetic dentistry.

Dr Kirilov has brought in Medical Dent his love for precision and aim to provide the best possible care. The clinic offers the full range of dental services: implantology and oral surgery, aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics, endodontics and orthodontics, children dentistry. Medical Dent's staff is highly experienced and doesn't shy of innovation like application of smile design. Recently, the clinic opened a digital floor which significantly improves and shortens treatment.

The team of Medical Dent won the Smile of the Year 2019 in the category for ceramic restoration. How did you achieve this success? How did you impress the jury?

I am happy to work in a team with many talented and ambitious colleagues which stimulates all of us to constantly develop and improve ourselves. At Medical Dent we put the emphasis on stable and sustainable development of our skills and knowledge. That is why we constantly invest in the professional and personal development of the people in the team. We follow their scientific and technological achievements and constantly invest in new technologies.

These efforts allow us to perform a very good planning of every case. As an example I can give the precision planning of the beauty of the smile that we do for each of our patients. This allows us to find the best teeth shape and size for everyone.

Thanks to the smile design that we prepare for each of our patients we are capable to satisfy even the most demanding of our patients. Our latest, 9th award, is the natural result of all above-mentioned factors.

What is autotransplantation and what are the advantages of this method?

Autotransplantation is a method for restoration of missing teeth that is an alternative to implants. The method allows predicting the results of the intervention and there are already 30 years of international experience in its application. In Bulgaria we have been successfully practicing it for 4 years, using the experience of Professor Mitsuhiro Tsukiboshi, DDS, PhD, a Japanese colleague who is one of the method's creators.

Autotransplantation is moving of patient's own tooth from a place where it will not be needed to another place where a tooth is missing. It is most often used in patients who still have their wisdom teeth, which can replace missing molars. It is also applicable in frontal teeth, such cases are suitable for patients with missing tooth as a result of trauma.

Dr Branimir Kirilov, Medical Dent

You offer 50 years of warranty for the implants in Medical Dent. How do you achieve this quality of work?

Besides this warranty we also offer 10 years guarantee for every treatment that we offer. Behind the warranty that we give for our work is a lot of trainings and specialisations, constant following of the latest achievements of dental medicine, accumulated experience, excellent planning, precise implementation and control of the results after the treatment's end. The most important thing, however, are the great people in our team.

The materials we use are also important, and so are the technologies we implement. That is why we work only with the highest quality of the materials and the most advanced technologies. We take care to implement the medical procedures with great precision. When you apply such an approach in your work, the percentage of failures decreases dramatically. This allows us to offer to our patients a warranty for everything that we do.

Dr Branimir Kirilov, Medical Dent

In the clinic you rely on narrow specialisation of professionals. Why do you prefer this approach?

We introduced narrow specialisations for the dentists in our team in 2013. Now, six years later, I see that this approach is the right one. When a person is focused on a single field they can get into greater detail. This is very important for the precise treatment of any problem. Nowadays progress in technologies and science is so rapid that it is not possible for a single person to follow everything and to be equally good in all fields of dental medicine.

Dr Branimir Kirilov, Medical Dent

What stages includes the individual treatment plan at Medical Dent?

We prepare the individual treatment plan after detailed conversation and examination of the patient. We pay a lot of attention to our patients' expectations. Besides the medical information that we collect, for us it is also important to understand every person's individuality in order to take proper care of them. Our vision is to treat the person, not only the problem.

After preparing the individual treatment plan our patients have a better understanding of the whole process. This gives us the tranquility to work on solving the important issues.


Monday-Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Sofia, 114 James Bourchier St

office:+359(2)9 630 737

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr Branimir Kirilov, Medical Dent

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