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Marista inherits the royal descent and magnificent quality of Rosa Otto and enriches it with advanced environment friendly technologies. Marista's name is derived from a motivating and heart-warming family story about strive for excellence and a lifelong love.

The Marista brand and story obliges us to meet the increasing customer expectations by high-end cosmetic products with pure natural oils, extracted by a traditional technology, developed by cutting-edge biotechnology, produced with strict quality control.

Between 1945 and 1980, Prof. Staykov was appointed as the head of the Experimental Station in Rose Valley, which in 1967 was transformed into the Institute of Rose Oil, Essential and Medical Plants. Here he succeeded in creating the unique and precious Rosa Damascena species. To celebrate its birth, he named it Marista, after his wife, as both were lifelong recipients of his love and pride. Marista is unique and precious species, exceeding even the gorgeous Rose Otto in quality and delicacy.

Marista Club cosmetics

Inspired by the Marista story, we discovered cosmetic formulas, known only by dedicated people. We believe these treasures should be presented to a wider audience of natural cosmetic admirers. Each Marista product series is unique with its balanced formulas and the effect on the skin.

Discover invaluable source of beauty in Marista's product lines Rosa Damascena & Q10 Skincare, White Rose & Olive Skincare and Rosa Damascena & Argan Skincare.


Sofia, 37 Bigla St

phone: +359 887 7072 11

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Marista Club cosmetics


Marista Club cosmetics

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