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The quality of e Lek products is based on the power of Nature.

We build the reputation of e Lek on the good performance of our authentic creations – unique products, exclusive author developments from plants, floral waters, natural and essential oils with healing properties from regions clean from industrial production. Airless packages of the creams – compact, practical, without access of oxygen and pathogens to the product, with full absorption of the product. Exceptionally modern production technologies, flexible solutions, clean substances. Uncompromising attitude towards exceptional quality.

e Lek – they are made by us, to heal you.

e Lek sun protection

Our latest development, together with specialists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the renovated and modernised e Lek lab, is the new formula for sun protection cream and lotion with natural filters. The product provides the maximum 50+ protection against UVA and UVB rays, helps tanning and has UV balanced formula.


Sofia, 12 General Parensov St

phone: +359 879 480 041

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