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Doroteya Filipova and Adelina Popova – how to be the unconventional consultant

Doroteya Filipova (right) and Adelina Popova combined forces in 2016 to start up the PSF – a boutique consultancy firm providing solutions for effective people management. They come from the two opposite sides of the table – Doroteya being an external consultant for more than 12 years and Adelina acting as global Director People in international companies. PSF is a nonconventional company.

What specialists are needed on the labour market in Bulgaria and how can you help?

D.F.: The short answer would be all kind of specialists. We are all aware of the demographics of Bulgaria and based on that, employers, meaning hiring managers, internal HR experts and decision makers should rely mostly and recognize personal potential, motivation and personality traits. The time, when the "ideal applicant" was someone who had occupied one and the same position for the past 5-10 years and this made him or her a logical candidacy, has gone. This is where PSF enters the scene, as a trusted recruitment partner (nor simply a recruitment services provider); we are the recruitment partner that could appropriately evaluate someone's potential and guide it to the right place for him or her.

Doroteya Filipova

What is your Flex HR service and for who is it for?

D.F.: Flex HR is an innovative service for our market that offers a lot of flexibility (we respond to the specifics clients' needs and requests) delivering complex HR solutions. Flex HR is for start-ups that are setting up and structuring their operations as well as for companies whose HR function is not yet fully structured, or is limited. Flex HR covers various aspects and includes various HR functions from client to client.

You offer design of tailored educational solutions, such as Leadership Academies, culture audits. Tell us a bit more on that.

A.P.: Yes, we design client tailored solutions and we utilize a wide range of theory combined with practice. Working on an executive search and selection project in 2016 with one international company, we realized that the local market was still not quite diverse in terms of high-caliber leaders, especially in certain industries. In collaboration with the client's team we did leadership competency audit, analyzed the gaps and designed tailored solutions to fill in those gaps. The leadership academy evolved into a 9-months journey through which the participants experienced (safely) the theory in practice.

Adelina Popova

Since then, we did similar projects for different sectors – high-tech companies, production and sales, logistics and outsourced services.

We do not believe in the ready-made recipes – every client and every project require unique and different approach, we adapt the tools and we are also learning. We are blessed to have the chance to work with diverse consultants who bring in different perspective and lots of practical examples.


Sofia, 79 Tsar Asen St, floor 2, ap. 4

phones: 0359 887 699 711; 00359 888 810 386

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