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Quality food, efficient care and modern medicaments at affordable prices: pets and farm animals need these to be healthy and happy. Farma Vet, a Bulgarian company, offers a reliable solution. The company follows the highest standards in developing of products for the most common pets and farm animals, and also exotic animals.

For the dogs and cats at home, Farma Vet offers the full range of antibiotics, insecticides and other medicines, vitamines, granulated foods and supplements, cosmetics. The company also produces antibiotics, insecticides, unguents, cosmetic and other products for exotic animals, fish, pidgeons.

The owners of big and small ruminants, pigs, horses and poultry also can rely on Farma Vet. The company has a wide range of antibiotics and other medicaments, vitamins, milk substitutes, supplementing fodder and cosmetic products.

Farma Vet

The company also offers products for protection of animals, the home and the garden of parasites and pests.

With its excellently organised distribution network Farma Vet delivers its products to its clients with its own transportation. For express deliveries a courrier company is used.

All of these make Farma Vet a reliable partner to everyone who puts first the wellbeing of their pets and farm animals.

Shumen, 40 Otets Paisiy St

phone: 0899 987 371, 0897906 603, 0899 400 542


Farma Vet


Farma Vet

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