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Until not that long ago, only professional athletes needed the help of specialists in sport medicine. Today, as more people do sport for recreation, amateurs join the queue in front of sport medicine doctors' offices.

Dr Encho Stoyanov is one of the best in his field. He is a specialist in sport medicine, traumatology, physiotherapy and laser therapy, ultrasound examination of muscles, feet treatment and preparation of individual soles for children and adults.

Dr Stoyanov graduated in 1997 and opened Physio Sportiva Clinic for Sport Medicine in Burgas in 2008. He has experience at the Bulgarian national teams of football, cycling, biathlon, basketball, volleyball and Muay Thai. At Physio Sportiva, he implements his philosophy to treat not the symptoms, but the cause, quick and correct diagnosis, innovative treatment and equipment and individual approach.

Active living is fashionable, but it also has risks of trauma. What are the most common sport traumas among non-professional athletes that you encounter in your practice?

To be active, to do a certain level of sport today is indeed very popular and will only increase in popularity in the future. This is determined by the current lifestyle of most of the people. Unlike 30-50 years ago, now every day millions across the world practice some sport activity. They are not professional athletes, but people who want to improve their health and to prevent a number of diseases, or for fitness and recreation. As with athletes, amateurs suffer traumas on a number of parts of the body.

Every sport has its specific traumas, and all amateur athletes who practice them suffer the same injuries as professionals. The most common ones are shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle joints problems where ligaments and connections of the joint capsule are damaged. Each of them can be damaged in a number of ways when someone is more physically active than usual.

You place quick and correct diagnosis at the basis of successful treatment. How do you achieve that? To what extent it depends on the experience and to what, to the technologies used?

The correct diagnosis is the most important thing in treatment. It has to be as precise as possible. Sometimes this can be done immediately after the clinical examination of the patient. In other cases, it can be possible only after specialised tests that will confirm or reject the initial diagnosis.

But, if you want to really help the patient, you have to combine the experience you have accumulated throughout the years with the technologies of the day. This helps you to give a precise diagnosis, and hence, to choose the best treatment for the case. As a result, you will have a patient who is happy and satisfied with your work.

My clinical experience in sport medicine spans 22 years. I am proud to say that Physio Sportiva is a clinic without a match in southeastern Bulgaria that has dedicated so much time to musculoskeletal problems of professional athletes and ordinary people.

Clinical experience and modern technologies go hand in hand. They complement themselves. Technology allows you to confirm or reject a diagnosis very easily and quickly, in minutes, actually, if you know how to use the equipment. And very often, with the very first visit, the patient will know what the problem is and how to treat it. There will be no guesswork, like, as I often hear from patients: "It could be this, it could be that. Let's try this medicament. Put on this cream. Swim. Walk barefoot on the sand." Guesswork wastes precious therapy time.

What technologies for diagnosis and treatment do you use?

Physio Sportiva Clinic for Sport Medicine tries to maintain a high standard of diagnosis and treatment of its patients. Of course, using a combination of technologies and constant training. Our work is specifically focused on giving the most correct diagnosis in optimal time. Ultrasound examination of the musculoskeletal system is routine at Physio Sportiva. It is valuable and has wide application, with many advantages for the patient and at affordable price.

Regarding treatment, besides classical methods, we also use in our practice laser therapy, diathermy, shockwave therapy, invasive methods for treatment of musculoskeletal problems, regenerative medicine. The work with growth factors is also a widely used treatment method at Physio Sportiva. Application of stem cells in therapy of musculoskeletal diseases is one of the latest therapy options we use to help our patients.

Many patients with feet problems visit Physio Sportiva. I use Finnish technology, FootBalance, in their treatment. FootBalance helps me to examine the patient's foot, to diagnose its biomechanical problems and to produce individual orthopaedic soles for children and adults. These soles fit the patient 100% and are corrected in accordance with the particular problems of the feet. They are as unique as are the feet of patient are and help us to correct the walk biomechanics and the follow-up problems on the kinetic chain in the body. We offer more than 20 different types of soles according to the problem, the shoe and the foot needs.

What orthopaedic problems are common in modern children?

Modern children most often have problems connected to the development of the musculoskeletal system. They manifest in the heels, the Achilles heels, the knees and the spine. Physically active people have ankle and knee traumas. Different stages of flat feet are a mass orthopaedic problems among children, but parents often neglect it and don't even notice it. It, however, is connected to the proper posture and walk of the child, and can cause spine problems.


Physio Sportiva Clinic for Sport Medicine

Burgas, Zornitsa, VIP Complex Perla, Block 2, Entrance 1, ground floor

phone: +359 877 325 461

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