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"Art de vivre" - a French lifestyle and know-how

France provides us with a rich history, an extensive culture, its know-how, table art, taste for high quality objects, and luxury in all areas.

For 10 years, the antique shop "Antik Art France",has been sharing French "art de vivre" or lifestyle with Bulgaria, with the passion for old furniture, for an authentic interior and for unique decorative objects made from precious materials.

The history of Antik Art France started In Paris during a walk at the Saint-Ouen flea market…..the most well known market for art and antiques in the world.

Antik Art France, Sofia

With Louis XV chest of drawers decorated with marquetry, consoles with golden leafed mirrors, crystal chandeliers, silverware and Limoges porcelain dinner sets, silk carpets, old paintings and objects from all periods and styles, this place is truly magic. With its richness, its past, with its historical legacy and know-how.

A beautiful encounter between 2 people passionate about antiques and with a good French taste - Albena Chinkov and Lyudmyla Pasko had the inspiration to open the shop in Sofia in 2009.

Based in the shop in Sofia is Mrs Albena Chinkov, who manages the sales, and is supported by her husband, architect, known in France for the design and building of the Francois Mitterand library. Her associate Mrs Lyudmlya Pasko, based in France, and an antique specialist who trained in Avignon, is responsible for purchasing of all the articles in France, and minor restoration if needed, before export for Sofia.

Antik Art France, Sofia

In the shop, the articles are carefully selected in French antique markets, and a heritage from bourgeois French families. Each article comes with a story; from a castle, a manor house or a pretty villa in Aix en Provence, or even a mountain chalet in Courchevel, or even picked up in open air flea markets…….

For many years, Antik Art France provides articles and furniture not only for decorators, architects, ambassadors, lawyers or hotel owners but also for anybody who wants to admire the beauty of antiques, from whatever style and for their charm and authenticity.

Lyudmlya Pasko

"Preserve the richness of the past for the present." Lyudmlya Pasko


Albena Chinkov

"I choose happiness." Albena Chinkov

If the exterior of modern cities, buildings and cars resemble each other more and more, it is important that in the Intimacy of one's home, you can create your own environment with unique articles with a warm and authentic history.

And to welcome your friends, in a space with good taste and talent.

Push open the door of th Antik Art France shop and share our French lifestyle.

1000 Sofia, 25B Frityof Nansen St

tel. 0879 266 260

Facebook : Antikart France

Instagram: #antikartfrancebulgaria

Mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Antik Art France, Sofia


Antik Art France, Sofia


Antik Art France, Sofia



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