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Rayna Mitkova Rayna Mitkova

Mrs. Rayna Mitkova is a member of the BoD of the Federation of European National Collector Associations (FENCA). She chairs „The Association of the Collection Agencies in Bulgaria“ (ACABG) since its founding and she is the Managing Director of one of the largest companies in the debt management market in Bulgaria - EOS Matrix, part of the international EOS Group with Headquarter in Hamburg.

Mrs. Mitkova, in March 2019 EOS Matrix signed another big deal for debt purchase of portfolio the biggest in Bulgaria so far, totaling €350 millions of face value. What determines the choice of a collector agency for similar tenders?

The factors are complex, but if I have to summarize, it is the reputation, the trust and the experience. EOS Matrix has been actively purchasing portfolios for more than 14 years. In fact, the first debt purchase deal in Bulgaria was realized by us in the distant year of 2006. As every beginning, we can say that there were challenges along the way, but over time our partners were convinced of the advantages of entering in their shoes of being a creditor and take the full care of their indebted clients. Because, aside from being able to secure a big deal financing, which is the case with EOS largest portfolios purchased over the last 3 years, record deals even for Central and Southeastern Europe -above all, you have to earn trust in the eyes of customers. That is why we are benefiting from our considerable experience and the high standards of professionalism that we adhere to in customer service, as well as the attention we deal with each individual case.

The debt purchase market in Bulgaria shows visible growth. What is the volume of debt portfolios you manage and their specifics?

We manage over 400 portfolios with a balance of more than 2.7 billion BGN. These include SME, corporate and retail portfolios. We buy cases of a different phase - both legal and non-legal. Evaluation of a portfolio requires expertise and knowledge of the market, as well as the difficulties faced by overdue customers. In this context our other business line - the receivables collection, where we hold on average 80% of the first places in the monthly banking benchmarks, helped us during the 16 years of market presence of the company in Bulgaria to develop this expertise.

EOS Matrix is a pioneer in many directions - and being the first agency to launch the so-called "revolving deals" - regular buying of portfolios on a monthly basis under predefined portfolio parameters is just another example. In the last 3 years, we have been actively involved in the development of a new market niche - the purchase of secured with real estate portfolios.

One of the most important conditions creditors are looking for in the buyer is that their clients will continue to be served with the same professionalism and quality. Among our advantages is that we keep our work flexibility, no matter whether we buy packages of 200 or 50,000 cases. Thus, customers have the certainty of working with a company with market traditions, international know-how in managing debt portfolios and an individual approach to each case.

In which cases collection agencies are useful to the business, and when their efforts can hardly recover the NPL?

Using the services of a professional debt collection agency is a forward-looking, informed and up-to-date approach applied by the businesses to ensure stability and growth. The funds we are able to recover to companies are returning to the economy as they use them to repay their own debt, create new jobs and to invest. The important question in this case is not "should I use a collection agency?" but "When should I use collection services?". The advice I would give to the business is to take advantage of the good economic climate at the moment and to be prepared for the potential risks and problems which can result from bad debts.



International Debt Collection EOS. We speak your debtors’ language.

It does not matter how many languages your debtors speak - with EOS you will only need one.

You may have a lot of customers in different countries abroad and consequently may also have to deal with outstanding payments in other countries. With EOS, cultural differences, language barriers, different laws and geographical distance are a challenge you do not have to deal with: You can hand over your receivables to us easily - no matter where in the world you have outstanding payments, EOS Global Collection supports fast and efficient collection services worldwide.

Eos Matrix

The debt collection process is handled by our partners locally. In this way we guarantee legal expertise while respecting local mentalities. You have just one contact person in your home country, who manages the whole complex area of international receivables management for you. Via your trusted and familiar contact you can benefit directly from our extensive experience and local know-how. We will take care of its receivables management – anywhere in the world.

EOS. Think global, act local

EOS, one of the leading financial services companies in the world, has provided debt collection services since 1974. At present, over 60 EOS-owned businesses operate in 26 countries, for providing services to more than 20,000 clients. Over 8,500 employees worldwide work for the EOS Group.

What you can expect from us:

  • A global network of correspondents with cross-border expertise
  • Regional know-how and consideration of country-specific customs
  • Fast, pre-legal and therefore cost-effective solutions with EOS quality standards
  • A local contact person for the whole area of international receivables management


EOS International partner network

We offer debt collection services in over 180 countries, including 25 EOS offices plus a strong, carefully selected network of partners around the world. Expert teams have regional know-how for both commercial and consumer debts. Our global partner network is characterised by the following:

  • Competent partners - EOS owned companies, well-known debt collection companies and selected legal partners act locally.
  • Common perception - Our partners act according to our values and follow our Code of Conduct.
  • Permanent quality control - We guarantee expertise, rapid processing and costoptimisation.
  • Reliable reporting - Partners report promptly,regularly and responsibly.


EOS Matrix

6, Racho Petkov Kazandzhiyata Str.

Sofia, 1766, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 2 97 60 800

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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