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An interview with Dr Ivan Vandev, specialist in implantology and regenerative surgery

At Doctor Vandev Esthetic Dental Clinic the latest achievements of science and technologies meet the high professionalism of dedicated specialists. The result is efficient treatment and aesthetic procedures that restore youth and beauty.

The founder of the clinic, Dr Georgi Vandev, is an oral surgeon with rich experience and professional qualifications in dental implantology, bone and soft tissue augmentation, laser application, plastic surgery, ultrasound bone surgery, plasma treatment and other fields in dental medicine. He manages the practical education of students specialising in oral surgery and periodontology at the Medical University of Plovdiv, and has specialised in France, Italy, the USA, Korea and others.

What problems can be solved with implants?

In recent years dental implantology experienced incredible progress and today works with a wide scope of different, own methods of survey. Implant treatment can be applied when a single, a group or all the teeth are missing. Implant treatment is superior to conventional methods for prosthesis, such as bridges, in any respect. It is a well established fact that when the underlying bone under an implant is stimulated by its pressure, thus preserving its volume and even increasing its density, a phenomenon that is not present in any other form of prosthesis.

Is bone deficit an obstacle?

Bone deficit can impede implant treatment but in no way can be an obstacle for implants, as today we are working with the methods of regenerative surgery. In most of the cases they help us to solve the problems with the bone and soft tissue deficit, and to perform the implantation.

Doctor Vandev Esthetic Dental Clinic

What are the advantages of the Smile Design technology?

Smile Design is an innovative method to test the design of the new smile directly on the patient before the teeth are filed. With it not only the shape, size, colour and location of the teeth can be planned, but also the need or not of surgical intervention for improvement of red aesthetics. All of these lead to a better communication between doctor and patient, which is in the basis of successful treatment.

And of the digital X-ray that you use?

Our digital X-ray is of the latest generation. The combination of incredible sharpness of the image in both 2D and 3D imagery with a functional and user-friendly software helps us to make the correct diagnosis and the most precise planning of complex cases. The very low doses of radiation make it suitable even for children. It is also very valuable for the comfort it provides to patients who receive full diagnosis without leaving our clinics.

Doctor Vandev Esthetic Dental Clinic

What is the difference between facets and dental bonding?

Both facets and bonding are methods of aesthetic medicine, but there are some core differences between the two.

In bonding, we almost don't file the dental tissues, while in facets, although minimally, we do this. In bonding we use photopolymer which is applied in small portions, recreating the shape of the tooth that is being restored. Facets are usually made of ceramics after minimal filing of the teeth.

Bonding is much cheaper, but facets are the better choice in some cases from aesthetic and functional point of view.

Doctor Vandev Esthetic Dental Clinic

What modern and effective aesthetic procedures will we find in the clinic?

Doctor Vandev Esthetic Dental Clinic is the second of the Doctor Vandev clinics, whose concept is focused toward complete smile transformation. It specialises in dental and aesthetic medicine. The aesthetic clinic has equipment and lasers that are proven as effective in international practice, Syneron Candela, Cocoon Medical and others.

In the clinic are performed complete sculpting of face and the smile and many other aesthetic procedures.

As a surgeon, I can perform not only oral, but also facial aesthetic corrections.

The aesthetic services that we offer are various: nonsurgery sculpting with hyaluronic fillers, botulin toxin (Botox), mesotherapies, deep hydration, plasmotherapy (PRP, PRF), 8-point lifting, removal of double chin, apparatus rejuvenation and laser epilation.


Plovdiv, 104, 6th September Blvd

phone: 0888 928 490

Doctor Vandev Esthetic Dental Clinic

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